You know it’s been a good weekend when you have to clean the van out with a shovel.

Thanks to Joel, Wendy, Polly, Tommy, Thomas, Jodi, Will, Mike, Johanna, Walter, and Annabel. And thanks especially to Cliff and Mighty Mouse the tractor.

And as well as wood hauling, there was laying of dance floors, rigging of aerials trusses, breaking of masonry drills, weeding, marking out, crimping, general sheddery, tea, fish and chips, and company. Long weekends are hard work…

[EDIT – Now with pics!:

Going up:

Looking down:

And a while later we were here:


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    1. Depends when we can find a tow vehicle. Cliff won’t be bringing the tractor down for a while, coz next job on site is the excavation and the van doesn’t have low enough gears. Know anyone with an old 4wd with a low ratio box?

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