Prep for wood hauling

I think I’ve everything ready for hauling firewood on sunday. See you all at 10 am*. Please bring barrows, axes, possibly a chainsaw if you’ve got one, safety equipment and mugs for tea.

I’d been pfaffing about with sub-millimetre engineering for too long. It was time to get some inch thick bars of steel (thanks, keptinacan) and a sledge hammer:

See the big steel axle here? Hardly, coz it’s hammered most of the way into the ground. The top of the axle gets tied back to the post. The top of the post gets tied back to another bar hammered in up the hill. If this pulley shifts then something’s fundamentally wrong with the universe.

And we haven’t got foundations yet, or even broken ground, but we’ve leccy, telephone and cable. It’s important to get priorities right:

* – some of you get special dispensation what with only stopping work at 6 am. We’re going to put you in charge of the heavy machinery.


15 thoughts on “Prep for wood hauling”

  1. Doesn’t that pulley require some rims to stop the rope slipping under it?

    Good to see that the connection priorities are sorted, but I can’t see the telephone handset or the TV?

    1. It has a groove cut into it and the angle of the rope is pretty constrained by the other parts of the setup. I don’t know that it’ll work, but it worked last time.

      1. wouldn’t it be nice if someone had a roller on a small flat stand to put on the ground in front of it….

        ps you were talking 2:1 for pulling bags , so you doing one pulley on back of the van, that one on the top of the hill, & rope attached accordingly? (ie, tied to the post and to the bag)

          1. There’s an aluminium half-round screwed to the piece of wood that the rope goes over when it goes over the edge from path down to gulley. Should help, though last time, we just ran the rope through the dirt over the edge.

            Plan is to use pulley on van, back to a stationary anchor, then one rope round this top pulley and down to the wood. I’m working off the assumption that the van will have plenty of excess strength, but the car deck is much shorter than the distance we’d like to pull the wood. So van moves x, pulling with force of y, wood gets force of y/2, gets moved distance 2x.

            Of course, all this is adjustable on site, if it turns out to fail.

  2. Is there anything other than myself and my flatmate and her car that you want my to bring? I has an axe as well, but after finishing work at 0600, I think someone else would be better swinging it, for safety’s sake.

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