Free firewood

OMFG we’ve got so much firewood. It’s seventy-year old pine and macrocarpa, you can’t buy wood like this. It burns beautifully, splits easily and we want to give it away for free.

This sunday, the 22nd, we’ll be up at the section in Brooklyn, trying to get rid of as much as we can. Come along and for a reasonable amount of manual labour, you’ll get lots and lots of wood. Some is split, some is sawn into chunks, some is still big rounds. We’ll haul whatever people want.

The wood is down a gulley, but I have a plan for hauling it out using wool sacks, ropes, pulleys and a big diesel engine. Last time, we used Cliff’s Holder tractor and it was pretty easy going. This time we’ll be using the van, and pulling the wood up to right by the car deck*.

All the hauling to be done by people is on the level, so wheel barrows can be used, from path direct to road.

So – who’s keen? Can you bring a barrow, an axe, a chainsaw or a wool bag? We have these, but more tools will get us more wood.

* – I hope this works, otherwise there may be scratching of heads. Coz carrying it out by hand is a bugger.

Anyway, pics from scrub cutting:

This regrowth:

Ended up looking like this:

Which is a shame, but hey, a house is going there, so sorry plants, but you were doing the dead cat bounce.

41 thoughts on “Free firewood

  1. I’m keen and I’ve needed an excuse to get an axe so I’ll bring a shiny new one.

    (Yeah, I know, you don’t really *need* an excuse to get an axe.)

      1. ohhh.. very cool i will do this to and bring tea and milk, for thirsty wood cutters.. i wonder if we will get the big bad wolf or little read riding hood dropping in… *ponders this*..


  2. I have an axe and some skill at swinging it. And, I’m told, an aesthetically pleasing back view when doing so.

    However, all my woolpacks are on their way to Greytown with wool in them, so none of those this time…

    1. You also probably know better than most how to tie a rope to the top of a bag full of wood so that the bag and rope stay connected.

      Cliff had a loop/sling/something with spliced eyes in the ends? Can you replicate? Coz the bags work best with not too much wood in each, so there’ll be many bag runs, and to get the cycle time down, I’d be keen to have a simple way to clip rope end onto an already prepped bag, without pfaffing whilst knots get retied (or people swear as they try to loosen knots that’ve jammed).

      1. I have some retired slings and could probably create something with biners, but hesitate to use mine because they’re still climbing-quality. You have some old ones?

        1. I have several shagged old biners, but am lacking in slings right now.

          has plenty of nice ones, but apparently she needs them for hanging from and won’t let me use them in the mud.

        1. Is it good and solid? It could work, though wool bags are pretty handy as:
          a) Being cloth, not individual strands, they tend not to get hung up on rough ground
          b) Being cheap, we don’t mind them getting shagged.

      2. I can eye-splice three strand rope, if such a skill is useful. Getting to the site may be an issue, however…

        I also have a slightly used log splitter, if that is what you are seeking…

        1. Hmm… there’s plenty of big rounds, so a log splitter could be useful. I don’t know if there’s room on site though, what powers it? If it’s electric, then we can put it on the path, out of the way.

          There’s a range of sizes of pieces, and I’m keen to spend the day hauling, not chopping, coz chopping can be done as and when, but if it’s there, then there’ll be pieces for it to split.

          1. I think we have a terminology clash here…

            What I’m calling a log splitter is a) hand operated like an axe, and b) shaped like an axe except that the head is significantly wider, causing the wood to separate rather more rapidly than with an axe.

            It is not powered, other than by the sweat of one’s brow…

  3. i’ve got some rope that is really fat, about 6foot long, and has a big loop each end if its any use (came off a boat I think).

    but also an axe and a trailer and a wheelbarrow, so would happily clear as much wood as i can manage.

      1. Yup, please bring it all, I expect we’ll find a use for it.

        I’ll get myself some big wood screws, so we can connect direct to some big rounds and haul those up as well.

      2. Will your pulley take a 12 mm rope and a two-ton load?

        I’m thinking I might try a 2:1 onto the van, coz otherwise I’ll be off the car deck and into the road before the wood gets to the top. It won’t be a prob if I have to do that, but it’d be nicer not to get in the way of the two cars per hour that drive down the road.

        1. i have no idea about the two ton thing, i would think that might be pushing it, they are fairly old… like from my grandfather’s shed. check it out when you see them. i’ve used them to haul cars up my driveway in the past, lift engines, that sort of thing

          1. It’ll be dragging up a slope, not lifting directly. The “two ton” is 100 kg of wood, plus snatch as it hangs up going over a lump sticking up out of the ground, plus generous safety factor. I’d rather the rope broke than the pulley, coz if parts of the metal pulley break, other metal parts could get fired off into the distance, with potentially hilarous consequences…

            She’ll be right.

          2. yes I would also rather still have the pulley afterwards and not be reassembling whoever was silly enough to stand under the bag.

            the only things that I would suggest inspecting would be the attachment points (hook and eye).

            and 100kg of wood will be a complete breeze I would say.

            even with a 2-ton snatch making things bloody.

          3. turns out the other one is more like 1/3 the size. but still, it’s ok.
            anyway i have two laydeeez who would be into helping out on the day, one of whom would also appreciate some wood, one who is just bored and wants something to do, and both of whom are capable axe-handlers afaik.

            i know i saw your pile of wood a while ago, but I can’t remember exactly how big it is (“big like a fire engine”), and I am not running round telling all and sundry “free woodz hear”, but is that cool bringing someone along who also wants a trailer load or more if they can haz it?

          4. This isn’t all of it:

            So yeah, fire engine sized. Bring as many people as are willing to work. It’s not like we’ll be running out of wood and the more people we have loading/unloading, the more time the van will be hauling wood up the hill and getting it out of the gulley. Frankly, if the wood stays down there, it’ll be more likely to rot before we get around to using it, and I’m keen to see it go to a good use.

  4. I have an axe, and a small amount of upper body strength. I also have some wood bags that hold a fair bit of wood (like the firewood bags what you get from the stupormarket), so I guess I can be of use for stacking/packing? Can you text me what time this all kicks off?

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