I decided at the start of the year to post a picture of myself each week. 2008 was pretty stealthy, for 2009 I wanted to round up a pile of pics, so that when I’m nine-hundred and twelve, when my great-great-….-grand nieces and -nephews say to me “grand-uncle, you’re much more of a smug wanker than you used to be”, I can say “no, in the ancient days of 2009, I was just as smug a wanker”.

Whereupon they’ll reply with one of:

  • “That’s more than nine hundred years ago, surely no-one was alive then?”
  • “What are these things you call ‘pictures’? Visual representation was entirely superseeded by the invention of the TeleThought-O-Tron and no-one has used pictures since the 23rd Century. Get with the programme, daddio!”
  • Basilisk! Argh!”
  • “Ug hit rock with rock. Ug clevur!”
  • “Check out the pants! Hahahahahhahaaaa!!!”
  • “What are you talking about, slow old person! I have lava-rafting to be doing instead of listening to you.”

So far I’ve managed five pics in eight weeks, so here’s your bumper edition. Includes picture of me with my shirt off, waving it all around:

Pic by Craig Bellhouse.

Pic by bastett666.

I’m sure you all notice the 152 Hz pulse width modulation (the dots – it turns the lights on and off to vary the brightness, which doesn’t work if it’s moving this fast). M4 is aiming for 97 kHz, to avoid this effect, or at least be able to recreate this effect deliberately, when needed, and be able to do proper dimming and colour fades.

17 thoughts on “”

    1. There’s a slim chance that the Mark 4 might explode. Is that good enough?

      Alternatively, someone’ll just have to take pictures of me doing something non-Mitochondrial, he hinted.

      1. Explosions are good. They only happen once so I’d never get bored with it, right?

        I am happy to take pictures of you making me cups of tea, mowing my lawn or writing qualifications for me, any time you like.

        1. So you’d get bored of the original Project Orion? You are strange.

          You’ve yet to post weekly pics of doing such, so I’m guessing you’re not that interested in such things?

          (But in some ways, this is my fault, coz most of what I make is designed for human eyes, not cameras. Number of good pics of Mitochondrion/OSTOF! <<< Number of bad pics. And most of what I do is stealthy.)

          1. Maybe if Real Cameras were being used, the aperture could be cranked down and the exposure cranked up to match how the human eye works – a pity Real Cameras are so expensive to run these days…

  1. *i* need pictures of you! and i have a camera now! surely there has to be something we can do to coordinate this… ALSO is andrea stilting/working all weekend? if not she should come to the clothes swap!

    1. Andrea is in the parade, on really tall stilts. I think there’s rehearsals before. You should ask her (she is a separate entity from me, hard to believe, I know, but true).

        1. To be fair, Andrea is not very good at responding to invitations, so resorting to asking her partner when she doesn’t respond is fair enough!

          Yes … that would be cool. See you 2ish 🙂

  2. I could have sworn I was hearing you on Morning Report this morning, cunningly disguised as a meteorologist, pontificating on UK weather and how gloomy it usually is…

    Maybe you’ve added bi-location to your capabilities?

    1. I am awaiting the existance of ture full-colour LEDs. Coz RGB is okay, but you can’t get violet. Even mixing red and green doesn’t get you a decent yellow, yellow needs an emitter of its own.

      And as for cherry red, come on, LED-making people, get it together! All I want is one of these, in a single package.

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