Kiwiburn Project Number 2

Given that the Mitochondrion has taken over my life, I wanted to do something else, something very, very simple for Kiwiburn. So The Avenue is the anti-Mitochondrion – no high tech*, no complicated production processes, no etching, no super-fine soldering, no details, tolerances plus or minus a thumb or so, instead of a tenth of a millimeter.

Something so simple that I could just knock it off with no hassle, Instead, here’s four hundred and eight pieces of wood (plus scrap), each labelled and cut to length:

Even so, it’s impressive how fast you can get through all this by thinking ahead and planning how you’re going to make stuff. I used to be a process design engineer (in name at least). This only took seven hours production time to get to this stage, finishing it off took another six. On site assembly will be four nails for each of eight assemblies.

Budget (except for EL wire) has been five dollars for superglue, the rest was stuff just lying around Newtown or Horokiwi.

* EL wire is low tech right? I think the Egyptians had it.

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