On friday evening, the 4 kb of program memory on the Mitochondrion was 98.9% full. I’ve had a weekend of rewriting code neater, tinier and more flexible. Squeeze code down, write more patterns, fill up memory, squeeze down again. I’m trading off between program space, limited numbers of variables and limited other storage space. But brain is in programming zone at last and I’m getting better at this low-level, procedural, bit-banging on registers code malarkey.

Then there was pfaffing with the snooze mode. Now the program memory sits at 99.5% full.

The Avenue is currently one sixteenth done. But I’ve been spending the time sorting out production processes. Taylorism FTW!

Discovered that Media Monkey supports Milkdrop visualisation plugins! *drools*

Leveled up my bean-baggery skillzors.

And for bonus points, discovered the sminky minky blanky is great for cleaning dust off laptops.

Finally, as requested by many, a picture of me, n3kkid:

Tease? Who me?

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    1. Yes. And?

      I mean, doesn’t everyone immediately think to do that as soon as they get some EL wire? (Though strangely, googling for “el wire shibari” gets no hits. Maybe this should be rectified?)

      I’ll post my arse on the internet when you do… no, wait… ah dammit.

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