There was general dissatisfaction about the number of pictures of me last year. So, in a general challenge to myself, this year there will be more.

Here’s number one:

Pic by tieke

The more astute amongst you will notice the travelling overhead crane in the background, two tonne SWL and worth drooling over, as all cranes are.

12 thoughts on “Narcissism”

      1. Thinks of the opening scenes of “Kate & Leopold”…

        The Greatest Erection on the Planet!

        referring to the Brooklyn Bridge in New York during it’s construction

    1. And I’m a crap teacher.

      However, I started with the Wellington Circus Trust and they have much better teachers. They’re running a beginners aerials intensive next week (
      and assorted courses throughout the year.

      Aerials is seriously hard. If you can’t start courses soon, then you’ve time to prepare for courses later. Lots of chin-ups and sit-ups. If you can’t do chins, then get a boost up and work on controlling your weight as you come down slowly. Do that lots and you’ll find yourself doing chinups. Then when you do some courses, it’ll still kick your arse, but you’ll progress faster.

      Also, you should definitely do this. Aerials is just plain awesome.

      More pics:

      1. Oh I know it’s amazing! So beautiful! (and I’ve seen the video before – mindblowing!)

        You are right though – it would totally kick my ass if I tried it, so thanks for the tip – I’ll start working on that stuff at the gym 😀

        Can’t quite afford the intensives right now, but will definitely keep an eye out for them later on in the year. Are there a lot of people that are into this?

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