I like living in a city where people can say to themselves: “shall I continute to trundle along in fairly light commuting traffic, or shall I pull to the side of the road and watch the dolphins in the harbour?”

There are dolphins there, honest. A better photo might have been the horde of commuters watching.

Also, the Mitochondrion is turning out to be a bitch to video:

Massive contrast, constant motion and nothing that a camera can focus on. And that’s fine with me, coz I specifically make these things to be seen by humans, not machines.

So you’ll all just have to see it for real one day.

Me? Tease? Surely not.

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    1. Quite hard, I’m afraid. I’ve looked at putting the controller outside the thing itself, with a wireless link, but the Xbee & Zigbee kit doesn’t fit inside, most of it’s at least 24 mm wide and I’m limited to about 20. Still, some of the new 2.4GHz kit is getting there, especially the Olimex stuff.

      Maybe for the fourth generation…

        1. BTW, I use Bluetooth rather than Xbee/Zigbee from a need to work with standard laptops without a dongle, rather than any technical reasons. Probably doesn’t apply to you.

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