Mitochondrion Mark 5.0 progress

The power output for the next version of the Mitochondrion glow staff is approaching the level you’d use for an electric bike, hence I’m taking battery management seriously. The current plan is to use a dedicated battery level gauge chip. The Linear LTC2943 looks like it will do the job, except it is 3 mm square, with no legs to solder to, just tiny pads under the chip. It’s designed to be soldering in factories with proper kit, not by a muppet like me with a soldering iron.

So WTH, watch a tutorial, mount my phone as a microscope, flip the chip on its back and deadbug it to a breakout board. How hard could that be?

Really quite hard, it turns out. Got there in the end though.

I know, it doesn’t look great, but it checks out. Everything that should be connected is and everything that shouldn’t be isn’t. I’ll test that the chip is actually working once a few other bits arrive.