Still winter, still tidying

I am still in hibernation mode, which means finishing projects off (like the desk) and tidying up (like the workshop).

Every so often, I think it is helpful to write down your goals in life. Currently, I only have two goals:

  1. Put things in boxes.
  2. Put labels on boxes.


So workshop now looks like:

For reference, this was a month ago, full of crap and a bloody big desk:

I know! Floor space! Sexy sexy floor space. I’m going to dance around naked stand in the middle of the void, stroking my chin and contemplating potentiality.

And if you think this is all a displacement activity to stop me from getting on with the Mitochondrion, Mark 5, then you’d be a little bit right. Still, I think I’ve worked out how to do the hard bit that was holding me up, so there can be progress on that too.

The very, very, very long tail of e-commerce

Three years after making it available, I have just sold my first 3D printed metal part:

It’s a replacement locking pin for a Triton Mk3 workstation. It retains the table when you shift modes from cross-cutting wood to ripping.

Clearly, either very few people are using Australian DIY equipment from the 1980s or that Triton owners are not complete idiots who lose their locking pins.

This says something about the long tail of e-commerce and how we will all do business in the Twenty-First Century. I’m just not quite sure that something is.

The desk

Finished the desk at the weekend. It took four of us to install, given the weight and close fit, and much scratching of heads and rehearsing to not leave gouges in the floor, walls, or ceiling.

I think that turned out not too bad.

Theraputic sharpening

When I’m under the weather, I potter about, fettling what needs fettling. That resulted in sharpening chisels and the hand plane.

(Click to enbiggen, if you’re really into scratch patterns.)

Plate of glass, emery paper, and a rolling jig. They’re not mirror-perfect, coz I’m not quite that obsessive, but decently sharp.

Turns out my phone makes a passable microscope, provided there’s enough light. Sadly, I did these last night. Now there’s sunshine I can now see the bits I missed, while not having the energy to fix them.