The last six years of climate change research, summed up in one graph

The IPCC summarises climate change research. The first of their three reports, on the physical science of climate change, is out now. It covers the research since the IPCC’s last report, in 2007. After reviewing about 10,000 papers, the message is very simple:

IPCC WGI AR5 Figure SPM.10

The more fossil carbon we burn, the hotter it will get. It doesn’t really matter how fast we burn it, but if we dig it up and burn it, then we commit the planet to warming.

And that’s that. You can read the rest of the report if you like, but the single key message is right there.

(Figure SPM.10 from the Summary for Policymakers)

Mitochondrion Mark 5 progress

Mitochondrion Mark 4 code is now running on the Mark 5 chip. Teensy 3.0 – an ARM Cortex M4 on an 18 mm wide board. Consider me pleased. Have yet to time the code, but should be faster. Much faster. Which is required, as it might be possible to replace the Mark 4’s 88 LEDs with 800.

Still a long way to go for the Mark 5, but changing the chip from Arduino to Teensy is probably the biggest step.

Also, Eclipse is still a royal pain in the arse, but does actually work for compiling, building, and programming. No debugger and it doesn’t play nicely with the serial port, but it does the job.

(Oh, and the Teensy has an on-chip temperature sensor. This may be needed, as preliminary thermal modeling suggests that full-whack may make the whole thing melt. Coz, you know, EIGHT HUNDRED LEDS.)