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Mitochondrion mark 4 – First public spin

So I quietly set myself a deadline of having the the Mitochondrion mark 4 ready for this weekend’s dance party (after having missed the deadlines for Kiwiburn and the Juggling Festival, and having taken the mark 3 apart more than two years ago). As of last Monday, it finally all came together, so here’s the first public spin, at Saturday’s Circillumina dance party:

A decent number of people asked me what brand it was or where I bought it, which is the level I’m aiming for.

The list of things it doesn't do is still longer than the list of things it does

Mitochondrion Mark 4.2 Build Log: The inevitable stage where nothing works

The Mitochondrion Mark 4.2 build is getting to the fun part, the bit where pretty much none of the parts work. However, there are at least parts that don’t work, as opposed to no parts. This counts as progress.

All the parts that don't work, have yet to arrive, or appear to work but haven't really been tested properly: