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The Megashelves, or the Most Time-Consuming Shelves Ever

I like to be organised. When we moved in to our new house, it was copiously lacking in shelving, storage, or even plaster. The plastering’s mostly been sorted now (only two rooms to go) but still no shelving, with most of our stuff still in boxes in the workshop.

This was winding me up, especially as there’s a room in the house (the toys room) specifically build for storing stuff, and not least because it meant the workshop is full of stuff that gets in the way of the work for which the workshop was built. However, we did have plenty of bits of wood left over from the house build, hence a plan was hatched.

But first, bike storage

AutoTatjna! For all your Tatjna needs.

As the internet is lacking in today, here’s the next best thing: AutoTatjna!

Announcement: Wheel: The Next Generation is now a federal bill to ban bath salts?

Andrea’s aerial chains performance from “The Life You’ve Always Imagined”

Filming and spinning spreader bar built by Patrick Herd. Tune by KiloWatts. Performance and teaching by Andrea.

And to keep things meaty: Why Are You Hitting Yourself In The Face? An Intro to System Justification Theory.