Mitochondrion Mark 4.1 Build Log: Post Kiwiburn

Yup, the replacement power conversion chip arrived, I soldered it in and the whole lot now works:

From Mitocondrion Mark 4.1

You’ll note that it isn’t plugged in to a computer, that the batteries are powering both the LEDs and the microcontroller, and that it is electrically complete and ready to be mounted in the tube. There’s still a couple of pieces of hardware to test (audio analysis circuit, accelerometer, reset socket) and lots of code to write, but it’s ready for Kiwiburn.

In other news, I’m now back from Kiwiburn. I was alternately social and effectively productive. The large shade structure/dance floor roof didn’t blow away or tear itself apart, the portable shade structure worked fine. Other people have pics, I have a huge pile of washing and six bean bags left in the van.