We can has horde?

This weekend we’ll be planting our green roof, the first residential green roof in Wellington. We fought the Council for a year to get this through and part of our motivation is to make this easier for the next people who want a green roof.

We could definitely do with a hand.

We’ve already got the waterproof membrane laid, and the insulation, and the other waterproof membrane. Next comes the drainage mat then ten cubic metres of soil and lots of plants, a mix of sedums and succulents, with some tussock to come later.

Two and a half thousand plants arrived yesterday, the soil/pumice mix arrives later this week, the conveyor belts get put in place friday, then we’ll be shoveling soil onto conveyor belts, spreading it across the roofs, and planting little baby plants until we’re done.

So, if you’re keen to help, we’d be very grateful. We’ll be up there from 10 am Saturday and Sunday. Weather looks variable to nice and we’re sheltered from the southerlies. If you want a lift up there, let us know otherwise there’s easy buses and/or parking.

We’ve been working with Greenroofs Ltd, who did the Waitakere Civic Centre and a big Uni of Auckland building. This might be their smallest job ever, so far.