12 April 1961

Re-posted from James Nicoll:

“On this day in 1961, Soviet citizen Yuri Gagarin was the first human to orbit the Earth, presumably handing the High Ground of Low Earth Orbit to the Kremlin and ringing in what I assume was the inevitable and total domination of Earth by his Red masters.

It’s been a busy 49 years so I have not had time to check the papers to see if that is how it played out.”

House post, for a change…

This saturday, with assorted assistance, we finished the balustrade around the deck. Now there’s less chance of falling to your doom.

Along with the red roof, this is the first part of the exterior that is finished, and shows what the house will look like when done.

Next step will be weatherboards. There’s also a bottle wall to build inside, so some of the rest of this weekend was spent washing and removing labels (when I wasn’t swearing at integer maths, interviewing people about Kiwiburn security issues, or speed networking at the ACTA after-party). When we’ve an estimate of the number of bottles we need, we can compare that to the number that we’ve got, then we can let you know how much more you all need to drink. And Tui doesn’t count, we’re after interesting bottles, so it’s fancy gin, liqueurs, and poncy cocktails only, please.

Question for the geeks: We’re thoroughly unimpressed by the inability of wireless to go through timber internal walls, and several of our internal walls are solid concrete. So we’re thinking a wired network from a router to several wireless access points. Anything we should know before we tell the electrician where to put cables?

* – Actually, a couple of the uprights are out of place by up to 5 mm. Bonus points for anyone who can spot them.