September 2009

Awesome new project means that the next couple of months are spoken for. Also means I’ll get to use words like “transplastomics”, which is just… Read More »


Just back from a talk by Richard Newland, leader of the JetBlack team, the NZ attempt to break the land speed records for: NZ –… Read More »JetBlack

You remember that slope we all hauled the firewood up, with the tractor and the rope and the pulleys? Yeah, Cliff & Marty got the… Read More »

A Sea Change

Forest & Bird will be showing A Sea Change: Imagine a World Without Fish, a exploration of ocean acidification. Speaking at the film will be… Read More »A Sea Change

The Good Enough Revolution: When Cheap and Simple Is Just Fine New just in from Wired: Shock horror – most consumers don’t need the latest,… Read More »