July 2009

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Aaaaaaand more sanding: Hopefully, this is the last Mitochondrion part to be made, for the mark 3 at least… I’ve learnt some important lessons here,… Read More »Recent pics

So the stilts/acrobalance workshop is turning into a stilts/acrobalance/contact improv/contemporary dance workshop, which means I have no idea what I’m doing, or why. But you’ve… Read More »

Everyone should go and see Slava’s Snow Show while ON MUSHROOMS. (I didn’t but I can’t think of anything better.)

Everyone should go and see Slava’s Snow Show. Is on till sunday. (Also, sheep are the cause of global warming, through the sheep albedo feedback… Read More »

I flew down to Christchurch today to try to think of hard questions while talking to someone very smart indeed. After 90 minutes of very… Read More »

Video conferencing with a half second delay means that for the first time in my life, I get to watch myself blink. This is most… Read More »

There needs to be a iconic image for pre-emptive face-palming. Like these:     …but for ideas that are not yet widespread, but will be… Read More »