May 2009

It appears that ACT has been infiltrated by a fifth-column of those god-less liberals make up Al Gore’s huge left-wing conspiracy to make us all… Read More »

Which I found at Brad Delong’s, proving that there is hope.

Close to a billion dollars is to be spent on insulating and heating homes with subsidies available to all Kiwis – which I think we… Read More »

And the blogosphere is the first to respond to what RSNZ put out this morning: What’s a few tears to the ocean – from Hot… Read More »

We moved more concrete blocks, just to make tatjna jealous. Then there was wiring of rebar, so the first foundations are ready to pour, and… Read More »

All of my brain waves seem to occur in the shower. Obviously, correlation is causation, so my current plan for awesome productivity is to stay… Read More »