Underlying factors

Whatever language you might think the universe runs in, the plain and simple truth is that, underneath, it is all implemented in C.

(I’m thinking that the workshop-to-be needs a shrine dedicated to Wayland. In the shrine go icons of Gagarin and Armstrong, and possibly a copy of Kernighan & Ritchie.)

Project States and Goals

Mitochondrion, 3.5 – Awaiting a free weekend for me to tear down 3.4 and re-build

  • Power regulator for microcontroller to stop it crashing
  • Replace broken wooden parts with FR4
  • Replace batteries with ones that aren’t munted
  • Get sound code working
  • Get accelerometer code working

Mitochondrion 4.0 – In design phase, light boards look easy, power management trickier

  • Faster computer by at least two orders of magnitude (probably Arduino/ATmega328)
  • New LED drivers for smooth colour & brightness fades (definitely PCA9635)
  • Surface mount RGB LEDs (probably Osran LRTBG6TG, but if anyone knows of an RGBA, 20 mA surface mount LED, then do let me know), and more of them
  • Tighter ends and ports (mini-USB)
  • Maybe wireless control
  • Maybe lithium batteries (maybe 40 10440/AAA size?)

Mitochondrion 5.0 – In conceptual phase

  • At least ten times brighter LEDs (LedEngin LZ4-00MA10 10W RGBAs currently at head of the queue)
  • New LED drivers (no idea yet)
  • Definitely lithium batteries
  • Higher system voltage
  • Internal temperature monitoring to control power level and stop it melting

Sky Tigers/Sky Jaguars – In conceptual phase

  • It’s a surprise

My Dick – In conceptual phase

  • Possibly too dangerous and/or illegal to think about further

Oh, and a house to build.

Other people’s projects:
60-foot penis painted on roof
Transparent aluminum snowboard

From here


Thanks to Thomas, Kim, Will, Joel, Yvette, Yvette’s mate, Jen, E, Mike, Jodi, Polly, Wendy, Tommy, Rhiannon & Sasha for coming and taking away some of our wood. I think we managed to fill three trailers, four cars, and two vans. Also, no injuries and the only breakages were two $10 ratchet straps, which can be resewn.

Van+rope+pulleys+wool sacks worked quite nicely, once we put down the planks over the steepest parts. Big steel bars (thanks again, keptinacan) and big wooden posts and ratchet straps worked despite the soft ground.

I don’t know if it’s a Kiwi thing or a Burner thing, but everyone seemed very good at making themselves useful, at finding a role in the collective effort and contributing their own skills, whether that’s swinging an axe or making cups of tea.

I should have taken before and after pics of the pile, coz we made a serious dent in it. There’s plenty more and people seem keen, so there will be another hauling day, possibly weekend after this one? How would sunday, the 5th work for people? Or should I ask when we’re not so sore?


We’re still on. Weather is a tad chilly, but the site is comfortably sheltered from the wind. You may wish to bring warm clothes for when you’re standing around drinking tea.

Prep for wood hauling

I think I’ve everything ready for hauling firewood on sunday. See you all at 10 am*. Please bring barrows, axes, possibly a chainsaw if you’ve got one, safety equipment and mugs for tea.

I’d been pfaffing about with sub-millimetre engineering for too long. It was time to get some inch thick bars of steel (thanks, keptinacan) and a sledge hammer:


Free firewood

OMFG we’ve got so much firewood. It’s seventy-year old pine and macrocarpa, you can’t buy wood like this. It burns beautifully, splits easily and we want to give it away for free.

This sunday, the 22nd, we’ll be up at the section in Brooklyn, trying to get rid of as much as we can. Come along and for a reasonable amount of manual labour, you’ll get lots and lots of wood. Some is split, some is sawn into chunks, some is still big rounds. We’ll haul whatever people want.

The wood is down a gulley, but I have a plan for hauling it out using wool sacks, ropes, pulleys and a big diesel engine. Last time, we used Cliff’s Holder tractor and it was pretty easy going. This time we’ll be using the van, and pulling the wood up to right by the car deck*.

All the hauling to be done by people is on the level, so wheel barrows can be used, from path direct to road.

So – who’s keen? Can you bring a barrow, an axe, a chainsaw or a wool bag? We have these, but more tools will get us more wood.

* – I hope this works, otherwise there may be scratching of heads. Coz carrying it out by hand is a bugger.

Anyway, pics from scrub cutting

My Dick

I have (yet another) new idea for Kiwiburn. It’s provisionally called My Dick, coz:

  • I will be waving it around
  • It will make all the boys jealous
  • It will make all the girls swoon
  • It will be extremely dangerous
  • It will contain small, easily-damaged components
  • It won’t last very long
  • It won’t be very impact resistant
  • I’ll be in control of it, just
  • It will need an automatic safety release
  • will get to see it first, though familiarity may mean that she might not be that impressed
  • I’ll only let people I trust play with it
  • It is not suitable for children
  • It will result in further smugness on my part, provided it does what it’s supposed to
  • It may cause me to question my masculinity if it does’t do what it’s supposed to
  • If I use it in public, there’s a fair chance I’ll be arrested
  • If surprised by it, people may run away screaming

So, guesses as to what it might (physically) be? (Apart from an excuse to make smutty comments, I mean.)