I don’t do introspection in public, so no memetic list of how I’ve been this year (who am I kidding). But here’s what other people say about me.

happyinmotion is the safest man I know”
happyinmotion is unashamedly real, and has the most integrity of anyone I’ve ever met.”
happyinmotion is principled, strong and always interesting.”

So I seem to be doing something right.

Thanks to all for dropping by. Was great to see everyone and run out of chairs. Was also great amusing to be serenaded by the neighbours’ anarchist karaoke.

Also, discovered a new Mitochondrion effect – it can freak cats out. All the way out. Possibly as far as Dorking.

As the Geek Mansion will sadly be lacking the two occupants who are best at cooking, A&I will be entertaining guests at home in the evening of Xmas Day. This means you!

From 6 pm.

There will be single malts and demonstrations of the Mitochondrion, or at least demonstrations of me swearing at the Mitochondrion.



Video footage of the Mitochondrion has finally found it’s way onto the web. Or at least, here’s footage of the current version, running some test patterns. is responsible for this shocking breach of security.

There is much more to be done, including getting the sensors working, rewriting most of the software, getting the sensors working with the new software, writing a whole bunch more patterns, and making it reliable enough that I’m not terrified of dropping it.

Still, for now, I’ll admit that it’s getting there.

From the comments at james_nicoll‘s LJ:

: I’m getting pretty tired of singularity stories.
: If current trends continue, at some point Domestic Cattle Neurons will out number People Neurons. Why aren’t we getting Cow-Singularity stories?
: We haven’t yet reached the tipping point.

Peter Dunne in ‘Peter Dunne says something sensible’ shocker!

The terms of the Select Committee on Climate Change are out (PDF, at the end) and they’ve dropped the ludicrous call to rake over the science once again.

“The science is pretty clearly established,” Dunne said. “It’s somewhat ludicrous and arrogant to expect a New Zealand parliamentary committee to review the science which the IPCC, Stern (UK economist Lord Stern) and every notable committee in the world has adjudicated on.”

This makes me a very happy bunny, as I won’t have to waste my time flogging a horse that’s long buried.

Still, in a great example of failing to connect with reality, Rodney Hide said as far as he was concerned the committee will get to look at the issue of the science theory behind climate change.

Why I can’t stand C.S. Lewis

I’ve variously called C.S. Lewis arrogant, smug and hypocritical. This rant became too long for a comment, so lucky for all of you, here it is:

C.S. Lewis represents a particular strain of Englishness. His kind are not to blame for the death of British civilisation, but are responsible for the failure to understand it and to do something about it.

Lewis is arrogant, the kind of arrogance that built the British Empire and saw an unfortunate necessity in machine-gunning the natives to bring them civilisation. Lewis is also smug, the kind of bland, cozy, smugness that leads the English to believe that if only everyone would behave like the English, then the world would be as good as it could possibly be.

I’d be inclined to discount all this, given that Lewis only crossed the English Channel once before his sixth decade, and that was to get shot in the trenches of the Great War. Given that experience, a man could be forgiven for thinking that the highlight of civilisation is the middle-class dinner party in the Home Counties.

However, Lewis was also a hypocritic, for presenting himself as a reasonable man, with reasonable beliefs, then resorting to cheap rheotical tricks. His trilemma is an example of this. Lewis (following others) claimed that Jesus’s statements to be the Son of God must be seen as either:
1) Jesus is a lunatic “on the level with the man who says he is a poached egg”
2) Jesus is a liar
3) Jesus is the Son of God

This is a ridiculous straw man, presented as rational though, because there is also case 4 – Jesus honestly believed that he was the Son of God. That Jesus had that belief says nothing about whether he was or not.

I’m sure that this was pointed out to Lewis, but he chose not to hear. Instead of admitting that his worldview might not be entirely complete and satisfactory, he pretended that there wasn’t a problem, and that’s been the response of the High Anglican Tories to most of the world since about 1900. That gets in the way of the rest of us, who are trying to fix the problem.

(Tolkien can fuck off too, his response to the modern world is infantile, racist, small-minded and best described by Moorcock’s essay “Epic Pooh”.)