The Stiglitz talk is tonight. Not sure if I’m going, coz I have the lurgy, but if you are, then let me know, as I may drag myself out of bed.

Also, this is a very good idea:
Call to show car ‘lifetime price’

Q: What goes “Pieces of seven, pieces of seven.”?
A: A parroty error.

US investors lose $100 billion per year trying to beat the market. But hey, it provides an income stream for an entirely parasitical industry – that of investment advisors.

And they’re coming in thick and fast:

It’s press-releasetastic. Here’s what’s on Scoop so far:

Royal Society Welcomes New Zealand Fast Forward:

…Says President, Neville Jordan, “This will be a tremendous boost to the science community… The Royal Society very much supports this and the several initiatives taking place. What is new, and most significant, is the emphasis on sustainability, one of the two main aims of New Zealand Fast Forward. This is absolutely vital and well-informed consumers are now keenly aware of this dimension of food production, as well as food safety issues. As Hon Pete Hodgson said at the launch, ‘sustainability and prosperity go hand in hand’.”

This money offers stable career opportunities for many scientists and technologists in an area that directly contributes to the economy.”

Driver board, Mark 3

Judging from current experience, whenever I’ve built a huge unstoppable war machine and managed to delay the Hero so that he arrives just late enough not to be able to stop me from making the required Tedious Speech about ruling the world, laughing maniacally, then throwing the Big Red Switch, it’ll go:

and then I’ll say “oh, f’kinell, I’ve connected the power supply the wrong way around yet again, haven’t I? Hang on, be five minutes”. And the Hero will have a cup of tea, and I’ll have to pfaff about with said huge unstoppable war machine, plug things in again, check them this time, repeat the Tedious Speech, laugh maniacally, throw the Big Red Switch once again, it’ll go:

And there’ll be this nasty burning smell, a couple of little red lights will go on, and I’ll say “err… dunno what that was but it’s not good… this could take a while…”

And the Hero will just toddle off home, safe in the knowledge that humanity is spared, as usual.

Not dead – This year’s Karapoti

Five and a half hours? That’s shameful, and not exactly fun. Last year was under four and a half. Next year, next year, I’m definitely going to do some training. (Or just stay home in bed.)

Anyway, though the magic of technology, yesturday’s activities can be described very precisely:, complete with Google Map.

You can indeed spot the bits where I got off and walked. The data doesn’t track emotional state, nor precipitation, though I could imagine proxies for the former and sensors for the later.

Results here, and you will notice I was beaten by all of the riders in the female, 50-59 category, and by Trevor Mallard.

Also, I realised, just after the first little down, that I’ve never seen anyone else’s bones before. Turns out that “writhing in pain” is actually what people do, when they’re that badly injured. Still, he had two medics and a mate looking after him, so not much I could do to help. This may have slowed me at tad on the later downhills.