Joseph Stiglitz is in the Motherfucking House!

Jump up and down like teenage fangirls and scream till we vomit, coz one of the sexiest brains on the planet is coming to Wellington. Lock up your daughters, it’s Joseph ‘Big Bad Wolf’ Stiglitz!!!

His early four-track demo tape “the theory of markets with asymmetric information” was picked up by EMI, went gold, and won him both hordes of nubile admirers and the Nobel Prize. His collaboration with ‘Wild Bill’ Clinton both brought sexy back to the saxophone and recognised the beneficial role of governments in designing and directing markets. His two most recent albums “Globalization and Its Discontents” and “Making Globalization Work” show a stunning return to form, leading to pounding hearts and fevered brows across the world with his clear description of the limitations of, and alternatives to, the Washington consensus on free market economics.

You can throw your underwear at him in the flesh, at the Michael Fowler centre, Friday, 14th March. I’ll be there, so if you want to join the group swoon then let me know, I’ll be booking tickets on friday.

(Sadly, the Stiglitz vs. IMF cage match has had to be postponed. It seems the IMF are too pussy to front up.)

(Yes, I know: Screaming Japanese Schoolgirls Overturn Greenspan’s Bus)

MAF jobs

MAF climate change jobs (and others), all of page C5 in todays Dom Post. Don’t be too put off by the expectations for experience and qualfications, they’re after so many people that there’ll be opportunities even if you don’t have everything they’re hoping for.

When cycling to work in the sun, many questions arise:
What is the meaning of life?
How can I define additionality?
That’s a cute jogger*
Why are my cranks creaking?
How much will the Karapoti hurt?
Will the Mitochondrion Mark 3 work?

I don’t have answers to any of these questions (yet), but it was sunny.

(*Yes, I know, not a question, but this is my stream of barely concious rambling, so screw you.)

Occasional memeing

It’s all tatjna‘s fault.

Quiet – Coz I’m just crap at getting to sleep without, and lack of sleep makes me grump(ier).

Quaffing – Cold orange juice, and then feeling sick after. It’s one of life’s joys.

Queer – Is that a thing? It’s a concept, so I say it’s a thing. I’m an engineer, I can’t look at a manufactured object without thinking about how it was put together, how I can take it apart, and what I might learn from that process. Similarly, I can’t look at social behaviour without thinking about how to subvert it. I like being just dodgy enough that people can’t quite work out if I’m being dodgy or not. (Well, sometimes, other times then WTH, dodgy with bells on.)

Quark degenerate matter – I want some. Not sure where I’d put it, and not sure how I’d keep it, but I want some. (This may be fatal to me, Wellington or Civilisation, depending on how much I get.)

Q-switched lasers – Gigawatt peak power! For a nanosecond or so…

Quince – Like Bramleys, not as popular today as it should be. Quince and cheese toastie at Deliaro was my treat after exams.

Quadriceps – Running, jumping, climbing trees. What’s not to love? (The sartorious is still a bitch though.)

Qualifications – The sole measure of an individual’s worth. Well, not really, but I came from a family that didn’t get the chance to go to uni, so made damn sure I did. So I did. Several times. And you know, it’s kind of handy.

Quality of life – As opposed to standard of living. I’m aiming for the former.

Quandries – Coz if life is simple, it’s boring. Working in policy is all quandries, coz the easy things have already been dealt with.

Ten? But I didn’t get on to quenching, or qwantz, or queries, or quaternary phase diagrams, or Quentin Crisp, or queues, or the Quiet American.

Hmm… Mitochondrion, Mark 3

My Mitochondrion design cycle time is coming down. Last time I designed the control and driver boards it took 6 weeks. Three days so far and it’s nearly done.

The mark 3 design seems to be coming along nicely. By ‘nicely’ I mean that when I’m tweaking the circuit boards to make the software faster, then either:

a) I’m a total hardware god
b) I’ve got a horribly closely coupled design, where my one-chip computer can’t cope with any form of abstraction and any changes or mistakes will echo through the entire design making the entire thing into scrap

I’d hope for (a), but given that this is hard and I’ve been doing this for just over a year, it’s almost certainly (b).

Still, hopefully the mark 3 will be an improvement. By ‘improvement’ I mean that it might actually work.