So the Newtown Australian crew, with their Antipodean terrier style, had a flat to warm. I had planned on getting properly drunk this weekend, as I haven’t in quite some time, but that is a bad influence on me, and everyone else.

Also, she is the right height to lean on when the world is reeling.

Oh dear…

That’ll serve me right

I finished off the last of my circuit board etch two weekends ago making one final circuit board and said to something along the lines of “well, no more circuit boards to make”. Yeah, well, six more to do and they’re going to be bastards – all to the same design but I’ve been a hermit for two days and I only got 40% of the design done. Also, now my brain hurts.

Next year, I’ll make something easier, say a model of a rock, made out of a rock.

The upside being, if these boards work, then it’ll just be a case of plugging the little sods together and we’ll be sweet*.

* where “sweet” means still lots to do

So I realised in the shower that the factor that determines the entire architecture of the Mitochondrion actually has a phucking huge loophole that I never noticed before. And if I take advantage of this, I can make it harder better faster stronger. However, this means throwing away 90% of what I’ve made so far.


And I can’t confirm that the new design would work until the weekend.

Dammit, I’m never going to have a shower ever again.

[EDIT – Oooh oooh oooh! And if I do it like this then I can do the other thing I wanted to do but couldn’t! And that alone means 90 less resistors! For maybe 2 extra components! Woot! …. Looks at pile of stuff he’s already built.. sighs… ]