Hunt it, chase it, kill it

Here’s me as rarely seen. It occurs to me, in an abstract way, that I don’t have a single photo of me playing skate hockey. Not that I care, coz I’m not doing it to look cool. I’m doing it coz it feeds the “hunt it, chase it, kill it” part of my brain. There’s this subtle social pressure to document everything. I shall continue to ignore this.

(I know, me in a team. It’s odd, isn’t it.)

Also, secondment continues to be frantic, but now I know the meaning of words like suint, slipe and degrees Twaddell.

Circus Proms on Sunday afternoon– don’t miss out!!!!!!!

The Circus Proms are on this Sunday at 4pm – book through Ticketek

This is a chance to see some of Wellington’s (& NZ’s) best Circus Performers perform to NZ Symphony orchestra & will be great for adults ($35) or kids ($20).

Acts include amateurs & professionals doing aerials, unicycling, juggling, hula hoop and more. The show has been put together by Deborah Pope and Alice Capper-Starr & who have tremendous skills & experience and from all accounts have done an amazing job.


Editorial – New Zealand Scientists Part of Nobel Peace Prize

This year’s Nobel Peace Prize goes to the IPCC and Al Gore. The Royal Society of New Zealand would like to congratulate the many New Zealand researchers who have contributed to the work of the IPCC.

The prize was awarded “for their efforts to build up and disseminate greater knowledge about man-made climate change, and to lay the foundations for the measures that are needed to counteract such change”.

Our researchers have been involved from the start of the IPCC process, and there’s quite a few of them, which indicates that our influence is disproportionate to our size. The complete list runs to:

Susanne Becken, Landcare, Lincoln
Greg Bodeker, NIWA, Omakau
Christopher Cocklin, James Cook University, Australia Matt Dunn, NIWA, Wellington Blair Fitzharris, University of Otago, Justin Ford-Robertson, Catalyst R&D, Rotorua Simon Hales, University of Otago, Glen Harris, Met Office, UK John Hay, University of Waikato, Rod Henderson, NIWA, Gavin Kenny, Earthwise Consulting, Darren King, NIWA, Auckland Tord Kjellstrom, University of Auckland, Howard Larsen, Head of the Science and Technology Team at MfE Keith Lassey, NIWA, Wellington Penehuro Lefale, MetService, Wellington David Lowe, NIWA, Wellington Andrew Manning, University of East Anglia, UK Martin Manning, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, USA Heinrich Moller, University of Otago Brett Mullan, NIWA, Wellington Kath O’Shaughnessy, NIWA, Wellington Guy Penny, NIWA, Auckland Ronald Prinn, MIT, USA Peter Read, Massey University, Andy Reisinger, Head of IPCC Technical Support Unit, New Delhi.
Jim Renwick, NIWA, Wellington
Jim Salinger, NIWA, Auckland
Graham Sem, Sustainable Environmental Management Ltd, Auckland Ralph Sims, IEA, France Richard Warrick, University of Waikato, Alistair Woodward, University of Auckland, David Wratt, NIWA, Wellington

Many others have also contributed as reviewers in the IPCCs open process.

Only three New Zealanders have won Nobel Prizes for science before, Alan MacDiarmid, Maurice Wilkins, and Ernest Rutherford. Our IPCC members are our first winners of the prize for peace. We can be proud that our researchers are doing work that is not just at a world-class standard, but is vital to the security of humanity.

The importance and pace of climate research is only increasing. The research work continues and will guide us all on what we need to do to avoid the worst of climate change.

On being too keen…

When flying back from a most pleasant skate hockey tournament in Nelson, the check-in desk agent insisted on putting a “fragile” label on my hockey sticks. Yup, the sticks that I’d spent the weekend battering against the floor, the walls, the goals, other players and occasionally the puck.

Our very handy draughtsperson sent us the latest versions of the house construction drawings, whilst his wife was in labour. Some people are a bit too keen. Then again, after our experiences with architects who were nowhere keen enough, we’re happy to err on the too keen side.

(Testing the driver boards yesturday involved running one of the Mitochondrion modules at pretty close to it’s final performance level. Hmm… yeah, I’m a bit too keen sometimes.)

Dear Lazyweb:

I’m using Internet Explorer 6.0 at work. I get no choice in this matter.

How do I fit the contents of a web page into the width of my IE window? In Opera, there is CTRL-F11 to fit-to-width. I can’t find out how to do this in IE. Surely IE can do something this basic?


Fetish Ball, snogging, clothing, acceptance, yes, but we want to know – what were the acts like? Or were you all too busy to watch?

This weekend was all sex, drugs, and rock and roll. Well, the rock and roll was drum and bass, the drugs were caffine and sugar and the sex was actually soldering. But close, I reckon.

Anyway, soldering progress:
cut for big pics of small things

Rumble in the Jungle

So there was much jumping up and down, as one does. And Kraft ripped it open, everyone else was yeah, okay, but I have Stuff To Do, so was going to toddle. Didn’t get arse into gear before Hank started playing.

Hank didn’t look promising, 15, dorky, needs help getting the mixer to go. Then he starts playing.


You know when there’s a huge grin on your face that you can’t shift, no matter what? And the whole dance floor is the same? Fucking hell, this kid’s the Man. The tunes are astounding, the mixing is divine. And he’s totally into it. There’s glittering beats sprinkling from his fingertips and he flicks his wrists and the sky falls in. If rythms were horses, he’s the cavalry coming over the horizon to save the day. At sunrise. The armoured cavalry, with Tank Girl in the lead and kangaroo-shaped mecha behind, here to get the girl and kill the baddies.

(No, I’m not on drugs. I’ve had one beer. He’s that good.)


“The Government has set a target for 90 per cent of electricity from renewable sources by 2025, from less than 70 per cent now. ”

NZ Energy Strategy is out now and it’s looking pretty good. Given that I spent a large chunk of last year writing a submission for this, I’m glad to see that most of the key facts seem to have been noticed. (Then again, this was just one of over three hundred submissions, so I can’t really claim any responsibility here, but the Minister did say very nice things about what we wrote.)

So, progress, yay!

Brain is jelly, so instead of thott, shiny things

For Rhi – Rammstein, translated into German

(Needs sound)

Doesn’t need sound, coz it’s always a joy to see a Lightning point it’s nose at the sky and do a fair impression of a space rocket, but you want sound for the all the understatement from the chaps with dodgy moustaches.

“It was good fun. The type of thing you look forward to.”