Parts Count

It’s looking like the Mitochondria will have bang on 350 parts.


But hey, at least the design phase is nearing completion. Now I just have to put it all together and get it to work.

This post brought to you by me being home with a cold, hence am in organising mode. Coz if I can’t sort out my body, I’m going to sort out the rest of my life instead.

Psytrance introductions

What’s a good mix to introduce someone to psytrance?

I’ve lots of awesome tunes. If someone asked for psy-breaks, I’d give them Cosm, for prog trance, Spencer Gordon; for liquid d&b, the Cyantific Innerspace mix; for dark and f’ked up mutant house; the Audiobullies EM. But psytrance? Is there an hour mix that epitomises, defines and showcases it all?

Are we doomed?

I haven’t written an editorial for work for a while, but this one meshed ended up being really timely. In summary – is climate change causing more floods, hurricanes and catastrophes? Right now, maybe. In the future, definitely.

Attributing Extreme Climatic Events to Climate Change

That’s 250 microns

JezCo is proud to announce our new 0.25 mm technology. Don’t be too impressed, this brings us into the 1950s. For the Twenty-First Century state of the art, Intel is working on their 45 nanometre technology. Yup, the gaps between my wires are 0.25 mm; the gaps between their wires are 0.000045 mm. It’s humbling to know that I’m doing this 5000 times worse than it can be done.

Then again, I am doing this in the kitchen.

These are the hardest parts, to the point where I’m not sure I can do it. This board isn’t good enough, coz the 0.25 mm technology is a pain in the arse. However, whilst eating curry, I had a brainwave, making this bit much, much easier. Now I just need to be able to solder like a superhero and I’ll be sweet.

Also, I had an immensely boozy weekend, culminating in vodka shots in the Paramount on monday morning. This is unusual for me.

Circus Oz Wrap Party – This Eve!!!

“Head’s up! Official Circus Oz wrap part at the Paramount tonight from 10pm. Circus friendly folks most welcome, pass it on.”

So consider yourselves invited.

Also, the Mitochondria, part 6.2 is done, and I had a brainwave that should make 5.4 so much easier. Yay for brains!

The Mitochondria progress report

Yesturday evening, at about 9.30, I finished the first final component of the Mitochondria.

Yeah, I know, you’re speechless…

But I now have all the parts that need to come from overseas. One trip to Mico and some hunting around in scrap bins should do me for the rest. Make five more PCBs, some assembling and some more coding and we’ll be sweet.

where “we’ll be sweet” means possibly ready for Kiwiburn 2009

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single error in a circuit diagram, will not be revealed until etching, if you’re lucky.

Sigh. Stubbornness, remember the stubbornness…

Bite off more than you think you can chew, then chew really hard

This is a bit of the Mitochondria, step 4.2:

Anyone who knows about electronics shouldn’t look too closely, coz it’s far from perfect, but it’s not bad for my first home made PCB.

Also, this is wrong. I spotted the two errors just before I started soldering the connections. Bother. It’s wrong to the point where I need to throw this one away and start again with a new board. It’s a good job I’m very, very stubborn.

Also, this is fiddly. Step 5 is only going to get worse. Next year I’m going to make something out of wood, with tolerances of plus or minus half a yard, none of this 0.25 milimetre bollocks.

Laughing at Gravity

Circus Oz are coming to town

St James, Fri 17th Aug, 7.30 pm, Saturday, 1.30 and 7.30 pm. Tickets $25-70.

Who’s keen? Deb Pope worked with them and reckons they are not entirely a waste of space, which is far higher praise than I’ve ever heard her give anyone.

What day suits? I’m tempted by Saturday night.

I’m going to buy tickets this weekend, so let me know by sat lunchtime.