I don’t want much. Well, sleep and a house, but I don’t want much I can buy in the shops. However, I miss my Psion Revo, and I’ve had the same phone for umm… 4? years. Hence my swoonage over the Nokia E90.

Why? Coz its got a keyboard, that’s why. I can use it to write coherent messages, nt spk in txt lk sum ppl.

[EDIT – Although I have just bought new hockey skates. They turned up in the post this morning and I am wearing them around the house whilst eating breakfast. And also in the post – my graduation certificate. I like the post this morning.]

Wot I am up to

Firstly, can anyone recommend a good sports massage in the Molesworth St/Thorndon end of town? Back rolls to headstands are both silly and bad for the neck muscles.

Secondly, Karapoti this saturday, anyone who wants a lazy day out in the country in the sunshine while I break myself is most welcome. Its up in the Akatarawa’s and looks like this:

Thirdly, main cause of current stress and breakage is this:

Come along, its freeeee!!! I’m only in one of the acts, and that for only the second sessions, but still, argh!

Fourthly, has anyone seen my comfort zone. I was in it, a while ago, but I stepped outside it, briefly, and it seemed to nip off over the horizon pretty sharpish.


I am so broken right now. Apologies to anyone who wants coherent thought out of me, or even spoken sentences.

Next weekend may be worse. The weekend after that, definitely.


Just picked up , , and a million stilt dancers and drummers from the airport, back from their China trip. There will be tales to tell, oh yes.

But not now. Now is bed.

Also, has to leave the house before 7 tomorrow (erm… not that’s today) for a gig in Blenheim. And hockey’s just started as well.

I’m looking forward to winter now, then my life slows down and I can catch up the nippy little sod.

Stilters on TV tonight

So Empress Stilt Dance are off to Hong Kong en masse for the Chinese New Year’s celebrations, including and . I dropped a van-full at the airport this morning (3.30 am, ouch) and that’s not half of them.

They’re going to be on Nightline tonight, TV3, 10.30. Err… I have no TV or video, can anyone record it for me and the stilters?

Also, there’s going to be a live webcast of the parade. I shall have to find out more, and work out how to record that as well.

Kiwiburn update 2

Okay, after fish and chips, I can now manage words, so here are some moments:

The Psychadelic Amoeba enveloping all
Loosing control of everyone else’s insides in the cuddle puddle
Heavy Metal WakeUp Call!
Showering outside in a thunderstorm
Judging the Kiwiburn Show Jumping – judges need more bribing!
Sevenites Disco Breakfast
brings the shiny, brings the spicy, I bring the ratchet straps
Polly Put The Kettle On
DJ Fetal Position
The JAFAB Ferals
The Wellington/Auckland Thunderdome Grudge Match, and Rock-em Sock-em Carl
People with one word job titles
Combat Medic, bringing the energy and a rucksack full of useful

The devouring wolves eating the Temple, in a nice way
Gadget’s gas-powered nail gun – want one!
Gadget’s medal
Those making the duliveries
‘s rocket science
/JetPilot’s stunning sets, with Old School Techno – On Fire, Mark 2 for the lightshow

All the committee.

And this seems relevant:

Nigel the Cockie – the volunteer fire service turns up, thinks at first we’re a bunch of hippies in a field. They realise we are not. One of them, Nigel, who’s a farmer from the next hill over, 19, never been to a dance party, goes home, gets changed, comes back, we shine him up, dances all night, goes home for milking at whimper o’clock, milks the cows still wearing his glowsticks, comes back to us with fresh milk for breakfast tea.

Nigel – “What do you do then?”
Californian – “I worked in SF as a software upgrade rollout project manager.”
Nigel – “So many words, I’m a farmer!”

All together now: “One of us! One of us!”

It comes down to this. We’re not a bunch of hippies taking drugs. If you want to do bad poi naked in a field and you’re Swedish, blonde and six foot tall, then your life is probably pretty easy, and I’m pleased for you that you have an easy life, but honey, when you do poi, you slouch your shoulders back and it takes your whole balance away and makes you look real slack. We are not slack. We are an organised bunch of crazies. We are focused as fuck and have determination to spare. Want some?

Pics later from other people.

More rocket science

Sea Launch launches satellites from a modified oil rig off the coast of California. They’re currently the cheapest way into space.

They put out a precisely worded press release yesturday:

“The Sea Launch Zenit-3SL vehicle, carrying the NSS-8 satellite, experienced an anomaly January 30 during launch operations. All personnel are safe and accounted for. Sea Launch will establish a Failure Review Oversight Board to determine the root cause of this anomaly.”

Remember the oil rig? It looks like this:

Here’s a picature of the rig taken during the “anomaly”:


What other anomalies have you recently experienced?