The bigger, buffer post hole borer actually managed to bore post holes, so we now have:

  • Six post holes, out of twenty four needed
  • One post tamped in
  • One post in place
  • Four empty holes for me tomorrow
  • Nearly a one of the four sections of path built, after half the holiday
  • Extreme brokeness

It looked like:

We didn’t have co-ordinating work clothing. Also, that pic doesn’t show the noise of a two-stroke a meter from your head, nor the weight or sheer vindictiveness of this bit of kit. It kept grabbing and trying to throw us down the hill. But it does bore post holes. Also, it was heavier than Andrea, who did lots of grunting.

The huge yellow mobile shed can be surprisingly hard to see

Best bit of today:
Sitting in the van, having lunch of beer, and cheese and pickle sarnies, listening to RadioActive and the rain on the van roof, reading a pomo-Marxist theory on innovation in knowledge-based economies.

Worst bit of today:
Swinging a pickaxe in the rain.

And then, when all manly and thoroughly soaked, I went and bought a pie, which I am eating now.

Hidden Treasure

We’ve been digging on the section for two days now and have yet to come across any hidden priate treasure. Damn you, pirates!

We found two old bottles. I have rock dust in my ear. Also, post hole borers are useless.

Number of post holes we wanted dug by today: 6
Number of post holes we have dug by today: 0


is crap at robbing banks. When we drilled through the hinges, she was all gleefull, but then as we’re moving the huge pile of cash, she decided she had to go have a piss, no really, now. Then when we got to the police checkpoint, I’m all chill, she starts sobbing her eyes out. Now I’m doing 8-12.

Damn you, , for ruining my dreams.

They love me, really they do

The New Zealand Climate Science Coalition are now slagging me off publicly. Well, I suppose if you can’t counter all the evidence suggesting that humanity is causing climate change, then the only thing left to do is to insult the competence of the scientists making that claim.

Also, lawn bowls is surprisingly pleasant. Though its not exciting enough unless I had a lobotomy.


We’re off to Auckland for a gig over the New Year. Any recommendations for a place to stay? Cheapish, quiet. Also, what to do?

I mean, if I wanted to buy lots of Illicit stuff, there’s a shop on Cuba Street now, so my only reason for going there has evaporated.


So I am eagerly awaiting the release of the national energy efficiency and conservation strategy from EECA. We are awaiting all morning, and EECA’s website is down, as are their phones.

Turns out their electricity has been off. Well, its conservation, of a sort…

Chocolate, The Knife and Fundamental Traffic Laws

The difficulty of dining out when you have food allergies.

Currently, The Knife own my headspace. Its Swedish blisspop crossed with minimal electro, but twisted, oh so twisted. For example: fantastic, subtle video, making steel drums cool once again. Also the perfect last two seconds. And those of you with the Mylo Essential Mix will find a better mix of this 39 minutes in.

Smeed’s Law says that basically, making cars safer means people drive faster and kill themselves at just the same rate. Similarly, safer roads or tighter traffic laws have no effect. The only thing that does is letting roads get so busy that cars slow down.

In a similar vein, the invisible bus explains why roads are full, though doesn’t follow this through to the inevitable conclusion.

I seem to be entirely askew today, but only with reference to the rest of the world.

Anyway, for Rhi.

The Great Wellington Cafe Hunt, part ummm… 5?

There was a request for Ernesto’s, which was the Crazy Lounge, then was awfull, and now has been subsumed into the huge pulsating ever-expanding brain the rules from the centre of Cuba Street that is the Havana/Fidel’s nexus. So, how about there? Corner Cuba & Guznee, here is a map if you’ve never been to Wellington before.

“Computer games don’t affect kids. I mean, if Pac-Man affected us as kids, we’d all be running around in darkened rooms, munching magic pills and listening to repetitive electronic music.”

2006 Census is out. How goes our plans to take over the world? Numbers of Nature and Earth Based religionoids in 2001 – 5862. Number of Wiccan & Nature and Earth Based religionoids in 2006 – 5835. Goddammit, we’ll never take over the world at this rate.

More stupid pics


I am exactly where I want to be.

Although a million dollars and a pony would be nice. Hell, make it a billion and I’ll sort out the pony myself.

“Now you’ve spoilt it for everyone”

Am I the only happy person in Wellington this week? I blame the weather.

In the Great Wellington Cafe Hunt, the current leading contender is Havana. Comfy sofas, many nooks and corners, outside space for summer, and food at not unreasonable prices1. Downside – its not in centre of town, but hell, people are vaguely going past it on their way homes. So I will be there 4.30ish, although I’ll have to be off by 6.15 or so.

xkcd – we love you so

This week’s editorial – Climate Change Scepticism Memes