Brain Rot!

Game theory is starting to make a frightening kind of sense. Or maybe my brain is rotting. Its still either trivial or inapplicable though.

Big books of philosophy are a waste of time. Small books of philiosophy however, are a different matter. I highly recommend John Raulston Saul‘s “On Equilibrium“. Its about hot to think, how to decide and how to know what’s right, in a gloriously human way.

Honestly, would you wear bondage pants on a motorbike? Its a basic health and saftey issue.

Economics lectures should be dusty and wizened. When they’re not, its hard to concentrate, especially when in the emotionally heighted state that game theory produces.

Virgo – “If you love something, let it go. If it comes back, continue to run it’s life for it. If it doesn’t come back, chase down and kill with logic.”

Elementary Food Particles, a resturant review by Michel Houellebecq. Hilarious, but only if you’ve read enough Houellebecq. Enough, here, meaning more than about a page of the tedious, miserable, French waste of space.

The hedonic treadmill concept explains a lot about your state of mind, and mine. You will never be as happy as you think you should be, if you think you should be happy all the time.

Free Desk

Our new flat’s too small for this, so we’re getting rid of it. Huge, solid, and has a black leatherette inset so you can pretend you’re a lawyer. Three drawers as well, on smooth runners. What more could anyone ask for in a desk? If there’s an earthquake, you can hide under it whilst your house falls down, and then be rescued several days later. If you die we’ll refund your money.

1.95 metres by 1.75 metres and 750mm deep.

Is in reasonable condition, with a few superficial scratches, bit of a pain to put together, but solid and stable once you get it there. If we like you we’ll even deliver it for free. If no-one claims it within a couple of days we’ll put it on TradeMe.


While Wellington has another Antarctic southerly, spare a thought for the Northern hemisphere:

Europe has another heat wave. The last one, in 2003, killed 20,000 people. Whoops.

So obviously, the solution to global warming is to put all the nations on floats, and move them north or south, depending on what particular weather they want that week. You could even vote on it – sunnier for the school holidays, or colder for a better skiing season.

Clearly, there’d be extra problems with pirates, but nothing that couldn’t be solved by dropping an office block on them.

How could this idea possibly fail?

Now I’m here, just to fit in

I tell you, this country’s going to the dogs. They let anyone in these days, especially all those bloody asians. Coming over here and having babies and working hard at school and getting lots of qualifications and becoming doctors and lawyers. Its the end of society, I tell you!

And the bastard Yanks. If they don’t like the States, then go and live in Iraq. You’ve invaded the bugger, its yours now.

And the Poms, they’re the worst. Bad cooking, bad teeth, bad manners, all they ever do is moan about the weather. Well, piss right off back to where you came from if you don’t like it here.

And as for all those bloody Aussies, if its the lucky country, then why don’t they stay there, eh? Too busy stealing traditional Kiwi jobs like pulling pints in Hammersmith. They’re all descended from convicts, you know. And they’re so bloody racist, those Aussies. I’m glad we’re not like them.

Thanks to pombagira, I now have a kete full of tacky crap, including a plastic tiki, a black singlet and some jaffas. Apparently, the presentation of the tacky crap is a traditional part of the ceremony. But now I’m officially here.

And any risk of taking it too seriously was removed by the oil painting hanging in the Council Chambers, of Mark Blumsky as Pimp Daddy, getting his mack on down Courtney Place.

And in other news, this course has now taken over my brain so I am in ‘absent-minded professor’ mode. If you notice that I have toast stuck to my head, please just remove it without pointing it out to me, as interruptions from reality are problematic right now.

Game theory and hand balancing

This course is all game theory. Arse.
[EDIT – we just spent an hour making mathematical models of strategies of how to play rock-paper-scissors. I think this proves that economists are a blight upon humanity. Also, the law school creche was just outside the lecture room window, with brightly wrapped toddlers playing in the sandpit. They’re just doing it to make me jealous, and it worked, the little sods.

And the course so far is trivial and obvious, hence I’m expecting a switch into mind-bendingly incomprehensible round about the middle of next week. For more on game theory, or not, try “Nymphomation” by Jeff Noon. Apparently, game theory is all about sex.]

Foolish or irrelevant?

What’s better, pretty or majestic?

S* started aerials with and I at Circus House, three years ago. She’s now in Vegas, with pics and movies and all:

Alternatively, movies from the Shuttle launch. Its majestic. For that much money, it’d better be.

And me? Legs just fine after a weekend of boarding, possibly due to the lack of full-on eight hour days. Shoulders hurt from Nick&Jenny’s evil handstand practise last night, though.

Realised this weekend that I hadn’t been out of Wellington for three months, since the Juggling Festival in Raglan. And I like it that way. There’s this terrible pressure (peer|social|commercial) to travel, if you don’t then you’re not open to new experiences and possiblities.

Never mind that the reality of travel for most people is Watneys Red Barrel, and everything just the same as home, but sunnier.

Screw all that, travel has its costs, we’re not paying them now, so we’ll pay them with interest later. I’m open to new ideas, continual challenge and continual learning, its just that I can find it within walking distance of my home. So I’m quite happy where I am, with occasional crazy missions and far less frequent OEs. Get the most challenge out of every trip, I say, and do less trips.

As has been mentioned…

Ruapehu had a foot of powder. However, it was covered with an inch of ice. Off-piste, the ice was continuous, not patchy and smooth on a board-length scale, hence you could reach warp speed with nothing holding you back but an invigorating buzz and the fact that if you fell over, you’d be falling onto concrete.

And then there was the sections with a half-inch icy crust, which was perfectly ridable if you could keep your weight perfectly centred. Too far forward, nose of board punches through, you stop and land on face. Too far back, tail of board punches through, you slow rapidly, weight transfers forward, you stop and land on face.

Meh, don’t like this face much anyway.

In other news, we love soft shells. Warm, water proof, wind proof, breathable and stretchy/snug. $200 from Ground Effect:

Turned the stereo up to 22. You could feel the sub everywhere. It goes up to 40. I’m not trying it, but Bassbin Twins would be the track for it.

looks hot on blades, but you could have probably guessed that.

And, we’ve had too many cute kittens, so instead, cats that look like Hitler:


Our landlord just emailed us saying “its been a year since I put the rent up, so I’m putting the rent up by 4% from $545 to $585.”

I go: “hang on mate, you might have got your sums wrong, that’s 7.5%. Did you mean $565 coz that’s reasonable.”

He replies: “no, that’s 4% on top of inflation which is 3.5%, so $585”.

I haven’t replied yet, but should I say:
a) “ho noes, your house is on fire!!!!11121232312311”
b) “bye”
c) “you’re an economist, aren’t you? what’s your home address? and when will you be home alone? no reason, just askin”

Anyways…all sorts of pics and stuff, now with horses…