April 2006


A most excellent party, with cats. Cheers to Jody & Allyn and happy birthday Wendy. So in response to all of this, here’s an online… Read More »Party!


While we’re on the subject, I’d just like to point to the Tatra T87 as one of the most fantastic cars ever. built at a… Read More »Tatras

I wanna

Bigger And more pics from same artist. Also, own team combo killtacular!. God scores minus five in one shot.

New architect

We have a new architect. We’re still keeping the old one, but this one has both the wooly jumpers and a fantastic accent. She’s verry,… Read More »New architect


Coz no-one’s posted a random linkage pile, here’s stuff and things. Firstly, random comments heard around town this week: “Have patience. In time even grass… Read More »Pile


The global energy consumption is currently about 420 ExaJoules per year. Exa- is 10^18, thats a round quintillion, a billion billion. hmf! giga- 10^9 –… Read More »LJEJ


You know that staunch layer of skin you build up on your feet in summer, from walking around like a hippy? Yeah, it just all… Read More »Winter