December 2005

Off down south

We’re off to the ferry in the morn, with a van full of everything one might need. Worryingly, my current style of camping includes not… Read More »Off down south

Day off

I’m getting an early start on the hols, what with having today off, for little reason other than I wanna. So, study and grumpiness this… Read More »Day off

More pics

Still no-one dead, though an unforgiveable interruption into the usually placid sunday breakfast of many. from Der Spiegel, popup but worth it.


More Astoundingly, nobody dead, despite sixty million gallons of petrol going off. Which is always nice. (Edit, bigger pic)


Blue skies! Sunshine! Picnic! Yup, it looks like our saturday picnic will be on. More details tomorrow. ooh, we are so elusive