Off down south

We’re off to the ferry in the morn, with a van full of everything one might need. Worryingly, my current style of camping includes not just lights, electricity and a steel roof over my head, but a remote controlled stereo that can be used from in bed. Bliss, though a tad more expensive than just getting drunk and laying down in a gutter till morning comes.

Day off

I’m getting an early start on the hols, what with having today off, for little reason other than I wanna.

So, study and grumpiness this morn, bike and sunshine this arvo, what are people doing after that? Everyone’s invited round for cake.

Oh, and can I borrow some cake off someone?

Picnic at our section tomorrow

To celebrate our house design being almost finished, we’re going to have a picnic at our house-to-be in Brooklyn, where we shall walk about waving our hands at parts of the hill and saying “and this will be the kitchen”. And you can jump on logs, commune with nature and play with neighbouring cats. You’re all invited.

Saturday the 3rd, 1 pm till about 3, or when everyone is sunburnt. There is shade and birdies, though its not quite the verdant spot it was last year. We will bring ice. You may want decent shoes. And if you want sawdust or foot cube chunks of wood, then be our guest.

Directions and maps