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More grump

To continue the no-sleep=grumpiness meme, we had a tom cat under the house *and* flatmates shagging. had to get the hose again.

though should point out – hose for cat and flattie was very quiet, so maybe they weren’t shagging, perhaps just holding hands and looking into each others eyes…. aahhh!

And while we’re on the topic:

Bush Vows To Eliminate U.S. Dependence On Oil By 4920

‘Exxon Mobil CEO Lee Raymond said the petroleum-producing company shares Bush’s hopes for a cleaner environment “well before the sun turns into a red giant and dies.”‘

Aerials pics

Some pics of tieke looking most graceful and tiny, and some of me looking ungraceful but grunty:

And what happened to the pics taken of you all on thursday night? I haven’t seen them yet, would like to.

Picnic postponed

The weather is no fun, so we’re putting off the picnic at our section till next saturday, 1 till 3. Darn.

Total post-whorage

But B3ta is particularly good this morning:



Today I did aikido, then aerials training, then stacking big hunks of wood, then got very dehydrated, and then had a beer on an empty stomach. This was good, and then I decided to do many chinups. This was a mistake. But, there was no warning label on the beer, saying “Do not drink this when tired and dehydrated and then do chinups”.

I’m going to sue them.


Blame .


Macro results

Woo! I got a plus! I rock!

A b+. I shall just go and shoot myself now


After thorough experimentation, we have discovered that I can’t do a pull-up with hanging on my waist.

Picnic at our section

To celebrate our house design being finished, we’re going to have a picnic at our house-to-be in Brooklyn, where we shall walk about waving our hands at parts of the hill and saying “and this will be the kitchen”. And you can jump on logs, commune with nature and play with neighbouring cats.

Saturday the 26th, 1 pm till about 3, or when everyone is sunburnt. If its raining, then the next saturday. There is shade and birdies, but its not quite the verdant spot it was last year. We will bring ice. You may want decent shoes. And if you want sawdust or foot cube chunks of wood, then be our guest.

Directions, map & pics


Seems like I’m organising this one. Serenity, 6.50 pm at Reading on Saturday. Currently we have Wends+bro, Me, and A confirmed, and assorted other people have said they want to come. Expected to be busy so I’ll get tickets on friday lunchtime. So let me know before noon and I’ll sort it out.

Speaking as we were of such things

This is timely:

Greenpeace rates electricity suppliers.

Is it going to cost you more? Find out.


We might be richer but are we happier? I dunno, so let’s find out:
A genuine progress indicator for NZ

Moore’s law for wind power – doubling every 2.8 years:
and biodiesel too

Have one of your own:
though small ones not so cost-effective

Swedish army game:
get points for not blowing stuff up

Saftey warnings gone horribly wrong

Glad they told me.


I have done seven exercise things in the last five days! Aerials twice! Bike rides twice! Aikido three times! Now I am hyper! This is good me! And annoying for you!

Woo! Yay! I have no patience with anyone going slower than me! Which is everyone! Andrea is about to punch me!

I washed my bike helmet in the shower! I have stupid deadlines at work and don’t care! I have a million (12) books to read and can’t sit down! I am not studying and my brain is rotting! I am super-buff! Its inconvenient! I have just eaten curry! I am still hungry! I will eat all the food in the world! I have washed clothing! I am going to run in circles for no reason at all! I am zzzzzzzzzzz…………