More quick hol

Today we got on the snow and had some serious downhill action.

Sadly, the snow was at the Antarctic Centre in Christchurch, and the downhill was the waterslides at the QEII pool in New Brighton, but was fun none the less.

C1 is a damn fine cafe, and the Arts Centre cafe has the chocolate cake of evil. It was gloopy.

Quick update from hol

We have done approximately nothing. Which is a new experience, and pretty great.

Cirque Eloise – wow! and h!l!f!
Cheeseman – rocky
Other club fields – closed coz no snow
The pub – barman with degree in religious studies
The cafe – barista from Farnborough, never managed to be at Glastonbury same year as her, but close
West Coast – raining like its never rained before, as usual
Mate’s house south of Hokitika – larchy, but good
Directions to mate’s house – “drive west till the coast, turn left, turn again after a particular river, first house”, that’s a three hour drive
Showers – hot
Sleep – lots, and about to be more

Long range organisation

Okay, for those you interested in aerials, there is an aerial dance piece at Te Whaea, tuesday to saturday. See it done by actual real dancers, not by office workers. We’re going saturday afternoon.
Plunge, at Te Whaea

And films! I’m finally getting on to seeing some film festival films, namely My Summer of Love friday eve, then Land of the Dead friday night. Woo! Lesbians and Zombies!

I’ve yet to get tickets, so if you’re keen, let us know.

And now we’re off snowboarding, or at least to go and slide on rocks.

Is everybody sick today?

Maybe its just the tuesday effect. I was sick mid-week last week too.

I’m bunged up on codeine, which stops my brain from soaring. Now that brain is somewhat constrained, my productivity goes way up, as I’m no longer off in the clouds and just simply sitting at my desk, getting on with (relatively) easy stuff.

Which leads to the worrying conclusion that I’d get more done if I was dumber.

This friday and saturday and BATS

“The VauDevil Cabaret is impure late night fun, an entertaining smorgasbord that transforms every minute. An unexpected cascade of stimulation… from the glitz and insight of drag queen biblical sex education to the subversive decadence of belly-dancing clowns.”

Includes at least two good acts, namely and Jenny the aerials tutor.

Everyone should come to this

Coz there will be at least two good acts, namely Jenny and . And probably boys touching each other:

“The VauDevil Cabaret is impure late night fun, an entertaining smorgasbord that transforms every minute. An unexpected cascade of stimulation… from the glitz and insight of drag queen biblical sex education to the subversive decadence of belly-dancing clowns. Brought to you by circus folk, drag stars, singers, actors, clowns, designers, artists, frocks and dancers of every persuasion, the VauDevils guarantee to put a little deviltry into your weekend.”

Bats Theatre, 10.30pm, Fri 22 & Sat 23 July.
Tickets $15 / $12, book on 802-4175.

Blame the limoncello

What’s the point of getting all buff, if the act of getting the buffness renders you incapable of being hot at parties?

This is getting silly. For the second week running, I’ve got to 10 on a saturday evening and said “bugger it, I’m knackered, I’m going to bed”. So apologies to all I missed at Morgan’s party.

However, we did have a sophisticated little do at Wright Street. One of the flatties is back from Italy, so we had an Italian food evening. There was much tastiness and antipasto. It was good.

Then, after I’d gone to bed, it rather degenerated, until at half one, the flatties decided that I was too sad, and they were going to drag me out of bed and we were all going to dance around wearing not very much.

So, faced with the choice of a) dance with lots of really very hot women in a variety of undress, or b) go back to bed with earplugs, I chose (b). I think that this means that I am officially Old.

And now its 8 am, on a sunday morn, and I’m getting up to go to aikido. Clearly, there’s an important lesson here, and its one that I’m failing to learn.

Cheers, Tony

Yesterday’s bombings might have been a lot of things, but they were not senseless. There’s a purpose behind them. Humans are pretty good at getting on with each other. When it comes to signing up for bloody violence, whether its the War on Terrorism, or the War against Oppression by the West, most people really can’t be bothered. But chuck a small number of bombs around, whether on trains in London or dropped from planes onto Baghdad, people get a tad riled, and start choosing sides, Bush or Al Quaeda. It doesn’t actually matter which side is doing the slaughtering, both sides will benefit.

So it is Them and Us, but Them are both Bush and Bin Laden, and Us is those who refuse to get neurotic and just go on with building a secular and humanist society.

This arg further explored in this article on terrorist strategy, also sadly applicable to the West’s strategy.

Oh, and when the West’s economy depends upon Middle Eastern oil, then it guarantees that this state of affairs will continue.

One solution, an eminently feasible solution for cutting oil use by 20%, overnight. Aside from that, being jaded is probably the best response.

I know that I’ve posted this before, but f’it, its timely.

Its still not rocket science

So the first thermal model of our house has been done. As it stands, to keep it warm, the house wull probably use less than 10% of energy that a normal house would. Which we like.

The house is designed to face north, to have insulation and double glazing, and thick internal walls to store heat. This is not rocket science.

It will be cozy.

In fact, it may even be too hot in the summer, so we may adopt such high-tech solutions as having blinds, windows that open, and eaves. This is still not rocket science.

How many people here have houses that are utterly freezing right now?

On tempting virgins

So far, macroeconomics, which is the economics of nations, is utterly waffle. I keep looking through what’s being taught, hoping to find a statement that could be proven or disproven. And there ain’t none. So macro is pure theology, and worse, its theology designed by mathematicians.

And I thought to myself, if I was going to teach theology, and turn my students into True Believers, then I’d be teaching gullible young virgins.

Then I looked around at all the commerce students. Aha! So maybe macro people aren’t so dumb after all…

A request

This is a request from the old people. Can bands play at some point before 3 am? Coz by then we’d rather be in bed with a nice warm hottie.

Aside from that, its been a good week, with much stuff, several things, and only occasional nrgah.

Oh, and bands that sound like Babes in Toyland, but without the whole out-of-kilter, bout to fall over, needy, gonna mess you up, disaster swamp monster thing, are really missing the point of catastrophe chick blues. Its all about the falling over, dammit!