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Four day weekend

In the past four days, I have managed to do:

  • 6 hours of tissu
  • 3 hours of aikido
  • 2 hours of gymnastics, with added flying trapeze
  • 1.5 hours of skate hockey
  • 1.5 hours of cycling1

And partied, seen the Kate and many others, worked on the new house design, cleaned around the current house, bought tieke a most warm gown, and fixed, fettled and got through at least one fifth of the List of Things I Have to Do Right Now.

Am I not worthy?2

And now I am going to sit down all day at work and think, coz four days of not thinking is very nearly too many.

1 – Yes, I know, this close to snowboarding I should really be working my legs more than my arms, but now I can do a one-handed meathook. For all of about two seconds. And the cycling was all hills and vomiting.
2 – Don’t even answer that one3, I don’t get my validation from other people. No, I get it from the Vic exam results service.
3 – don’t answer the question that follows, either

Like a free thing! Woohoo! Except its not a very good free thing…

Turns out, that all of a sudden, I’ve got monday & tuesday off work. Woohoo! Time to go snowboarding! Except, there’s a serious lack of snow on the mountain.

Hmm… okay, who’s going to convince me that I should?

your prize being, a free trip up to the mountain monday & tuesday…

So perhaps I’m not competely stupid…

a+ for micro.

I still think economists are dumber than theologians.

Coz libertarians just ask for it

Atlas Plugged

What with the po-faced seriousness and all. Anyway, more from Threadgill

Happy birthday mkcs

That was fun, though I fear the pics. And there were good backs there.

European harmony

Totally inappropriate and far too funny, what the UK really thinks of the French, especially if they’re called Sebastian:
Come on then!
(12Mb quicktime)

But to make up for that, here’s a French project for a solar-power, piloted aircraft to fly around the world:
Solar Impulse

An iconicagerie




Yay! Now to chill out

That’s this term’s exam over and done with, allbeit badly. Now, it is time to chill out, do nothing, drink beer, and return to being my normal happy, easy-going self.

Except, that first I have to do:

  • aikido grading saturday
  • lots of dental work
  • house design to finish off, including such exciting things as choosing doorknobs
  • mud bricks to be made for the testing thereof
  • van to have stereo sorted, coz its still not right
  • van to have extra seat installed, which requires trip to Auckland
  • bike to fix
  • quads and calves to train for impending snowboarding
  • impending snowboarding
  • people to see, tea to be drunk
  • all the stuff that I’ve been putting off for the last three months, to be done now!

So as you can see, I will do nothing, at some point, in the undefined future.

Lying down…




So, aerials training at Te Whaea, the national dance centre, where all the hot people are. (And some technicians.) And a couple of the full-time, professional dancers turned up. One looked like something from some dodgy manga, simply dripping with muscles, to the point of looking like a cartoon.

And he was really quite good at aerials, handstands on the tissu, which is somewhat akin to pointing at gravity’s tiny dick, and laughing.

Anyway, off to gymnastics now, so as I can work on my manga-ness.

This evening, I shall mainly be lying down, with occasional groaning, when I can get up the strength to whimper.

Loose Weight Fast!

Just a quick one, coz I’m off to Palmie for the day:

The NHS Hospital Plan Diet