House progress

Or at least, tree-hackage progress. All pics embiggenable.

What will look like:

currently looks like:

And this is A in the dining room, considering the decor. This is where we had the picnic at the Very Serious Tree Climbing party.:

Please, if you want some firewood, its free. This is a tiny fraction of it:

Aside from that:

  • tissu and swimming in one day make for tired shoulders.
  • civic sold on trademe for more than we thought it would
  • game theory still “not a good predictor of human behaviour”
  • Zim now, then sleep, then world domination

Wire Walking Workshop

“A workshop weekend that explores the infinite joys of balancing on a wire whilst walking. This is an ancient and hallowed technique much favoured for crossing waterfalls. Our tutor, Willow, has been performing in this fashion for several years, most recently with the Gypsy Fair. She will give a demonstration of some of the possibilities of the medium, accompanied by her daughter. She will then aim to teach us all she knows.”

Date: Saturday May 14th and Sunday May 15th
Time:10.00am – 4.00pm
Cost: $20 per day
Venue: Newtown School Hall, Mein St, Newtown.

Bring enthusiasm and lunch. Wear comfortable clothing suitable for exercise.
N.B. You will need a pair of shoes – the most suitable are surf bootees available from the Warehouse chain of emporia.

Its the end of the world as we know it, part 23

One of the advantages of being obsessed with the Cold War is finding little gems like this: Britain planned chicken-powered nuclear land mines called Blue Peacock. You couldn’t make it up.

Anyway, for the Peak Oil people predicting the imminent end of civilisation, here’s a little something from the 1860s. Yes folks, its Peak Coal!

we cannot long continue our present rate of progress“, said the respected economist, William Stanley Jevons.

On coal’s use:
the rate of multiplication is in recent years many times as great as during preceding centuries, and is rapidly advancing

On the supplies of coal:
And, of course, when Mr. Vivian asserts that South Wales can supply all England for 500 years, he means at the present rate of consumption, which is quite beside the question. The question is, how long will South Wales supply us at the present price with the present growing demand?

On substitutes for coal:
No possible concentration of windmills, again, would supply the force required in large factories or iron works.

Complete text at Dieoff… oops, no sorry, here instead. But the oil crash people really need to read this stuff.

Party on!

Or not, as the case might be.

I blew out three parties last night, on account of the gynastics class of pain. Just fell asleep on the sofa instead. Oops. My apols to all I missed.

My schedule for the next few days

Now: Revise till my head bleeds
Friday, 4.30 pm: Microeconomics mid-term exam
Friday, 6 pm: Beer
Weekend: Recover from thinking too much by exercising too much
Sunday evening: Endorphin haze…

To be truthfull, this will be followed next week by:

Tuesday: Get results, beat myself on the head for not being perfect
Wednesday: Briefly convince myself that I have unrealistic expectations of my academic performance, beat myself about head for being so screwed up
Thursday: Go back to beating myself on the head for not being perfect, coz I’m far better at that than at being realistic. And practise makes perfect, you see.

I’d just like to take this moment to blame my parents.

Still not our flat-warming

But you’re all invited!

We were going to have a big flat-warming, but decided that its too cold and the shed to crowded with stuff in boxes. So instead, this saturday, we’re having a quiet drinks night. Well, it was going to be quiet, but between us we seem to have invited about 150 people, so there may have to be much shushing. We’re hoping that people with Stern Librarian Glasses can come along, specifically for that purpose.

And we’ll have a proper flat-warming in the summer.

So 77 Wright Street, Chrisbee’s old flat, the evening of this saturday. If you can’t find it, just look for the van of yellowness.

Yay! for unearned capital gains

So what with flogging the house in Pukerua Bay, it was time to go shopping. So new toys:

Yes, I’ve got a new bowl of fruit. Its the first fruit I’ve bought for six years, and the old fruit was getting a tad past it, despite running Redhat.

I want to call this Curious Yellow, after the feather from Jeff Noon, not the Swedish film. But I can’t coz its a van, and vans are not known for their curiosity. And good thing too, kittens being curious is cute, vans sticking their dumb noses into windows and crevices would just get dangerous.