Okay, clothes swapping party, our new flat (ChrisB’s old flat) in Mt Cook, sunday 1 pm.
Everyone invited. Well, everyone who has clothes. No nudists please, unless you’re really buff.

That is all.

Just been to an excellent and packed out talk on abrupt climate change at NIWA. Excellent for the chap’s use of good, solid evidence, and for handy metaphors, i.e. with a three metre sea level rise, the lecture room we were in would be underwater.

And the bad news is that its all happened before, Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets melting, the Gulfstream shutting down. By emitting carbon dioxide we’re pushing the climate towards the edge of the cliff where that all happens again. Not in the ‘ice age in two weeks’ version from “The Day After Tomorrow”, but in the ’10 C temperature change in a decade’ kind of thing.

The worse news is that one-off events like those are inherently hard to predict, so assessing the risk is a bugger, therefore getting anyone to do anything about it is hard.

So cue drought, floods, starvation and the loss of many large cities.

But then again, I grew up in the Cold War, expecting to be told at any moment that I had 20 minutes left to live. I grew up hoping that I’d be one of the quarter of the European population who got taken out in the first strike, not one of the quarter who died of radiation poisoning over the next four weeks, or or the quarter that starved to death that winter, or one of the few poor sods that actually survived and had to deal with pile of smoking rubble that used to be civilisation.

So for a end-of-the-world excuse to wake up screaming in the middle of the night, climate change, even the abrupt version, is rather akin to being buried in sand, one grain at a time. Whereas global nukhulear war is rather more rapid and definite. And frankly, I consider that progress.

Yay for progress!

knowledge flow geekery

So coz I’m a science policy wonk, I needed to know when the CRIs were set up (you know, AgResearch, NIWA, IRL, that lot). So I could ask Google, or I could look on the CRI’s increasingly corporate home pages. No, I asked Wikipedia. And Wikipedia knows.

I am gobsmacked. Approximately nobody needs to know that. Okay, maybe less than 50 people in the whole wide world need to know that, which compared to 6 billion, is pretty much zero. I shall have to remove Google from the altar and sacrifice kittens and small children to the huge ever growing pulsating brain that rules from the ultraworld that is Wikipedia.

If Google is the noosphere, Wikipedia is the icing and the cherry on top.


And today I rode my bike to work. No sitting in cars, or on trains. Took me 15 minutes, including looking at the view, and I was in motion. Therefore I was happy. There’s a reason that this is called happyinmotion.

And that’s the way its supposed to be.

Long bloody last

We are moved in. Everyone is welcome to drop by, and you can help us play “what’s in the box?”. In this game, you pick up your choice of box and ask us “what’s in the box?”. And we just shrug, coz we’ve no idea.

Trapeze and tissu show in Midland Park this lunchtime

As part of the Busking festival, Theaker von Ziarno is doing “daring aerial acrobatics” performances in Midland Park.

Free! Today! Now! Woo!

Times are 12, 12.45 and 1.30 today, Oriental Bay and Circa on saturday, Manners Mall on sunday. We’re going along to the lunchtime today shows, so ring us if you want to join up. Though you might have to listen to us saying “dizzy stag to motorbike? I’d have done samosa instead.”

12 shows in four days? my arms would have fallen off by then…

err, I know its short notice and all, but does anyone have a video camera? Its so rare that we get to see anyone else doing aerials, so we’d like to learn from it. Not that our tutor doesn’t utterly rock, but the more the merrier.


So today was planned in for packing.

Instead, aikido, coffee, hung with the whanau, took the hyper 8-year old nephew to the skate park for two hours, discovered I can still ramp skate, just, went to Island Bay beach, f&c, taught 2-year old niece my name and “on” and “off”, backed the car, bought milk, home, chased gecko, shower, bed.

Fun, but I still have to pack.

Although, strictly speaking, today began with getting up at midnight and delivering chocolate brownies to the unicycle world record crew at the Basin Reserve, as Ken knocked down the 600th lap at 1 am. Time was wasted dodging drunks on the course, but in the end, after 24 hours, he managed 814 laps, 378.7 km, 235.3 miles, holy living fvck. Pics here, and give them money.


We’ve a new flat. Its Chrisbee’s flat in Mt Cook. Thus you’ll all know where to come for the house-warming.

Yay for living in town! No more train rides at eleven on a friday night surrounded by drunken rugby supporters.

Sharing with someone from circus and someone else. Three girls and me, we shall have to have tea parties for the dollies and sewing bees and lounge around on hot days fanning ourselves and wearing summer dresses with bold prints.

And in other notes, I got burnt at four p.m., ffs!And I’m hoping that Crisbee et al will leave at least one of the playstations, coz you know, I like to pretend to be a boy sometimes.

And Ken is still going for the world 24 hour unicycle record. When we dropped by, he’d just knocked off 160 km, half-way, in eight hours, so another 160 km in another eight, then its all gravy. So the post-party party tonight will be the Basin Reserve, coz hallucinating unicyclists love drunken goths at 1 am.

Ever increasing circles

So Ken is doing his multiple-world records on a unicycle at the Basin Reserve today, for Oxfam. Its going to be hot…

Wander along to watch the nail-biting action* and give him some money, or go to here and give him some money.

You can also watch a live webcast at unicycle.co.nz, where the excitment will kick in around the 19 hour mark, when Ken stars in the Descent of Man to Gibbering Rockpool Creature.

* okay, this may be the worst world record attempt ever for spectators, as bad as Fakir Edmunds’ attempt to sit utterly motionles for six years. But still, you should.

Thorndon stupormarket is full of pirates.

It may also be full of ninjas, but I didn’t see any.

Also, there were no ponies or kittens visible. Maybe, there was a blood-feud between the ninja ponies, with fearsome stomping action and big cute eyes, and the ninja kittens, with fearsome claws and smaller, but still quite big cute eyes.

My money is on the ponies. But how would one know who won? They are all ninjas!

Ninja blood-feuds would make crap TV.