Wellington people

Q for the Wellington people: are 1 year fixed term rentals in Wgtn are the norm these days?

Bit of an arse if so, coz our new house is going to take anything from six months to two years to build, so long fixed terms are a pain.

Now that we’re moving out

I’m going to miss Pukerua Bay.

We were planning on heading into town this eve, Bright Lights! Big City! go see a big dumb movie where everything EXPLODES!

Instead, we wandered down the goat track to the beach, hunted in the rock pools for hermit crabs and went for a paddle. Then we stood on the beach trying to work out just what the hell the wierd fins coming out of the water could be. Turns out it was two stingrays, each about a metre wide, cruising around and above the seaweed, just offshore. Like, three metres offshore. Wow.

Then we went to the kiddies playground, then ordered pizza. This may seem like heresy to Wellingtonians, but Big Salami in Plimmerton have the edge on Hell. Try it next time you’re passing through.

Life is good.

On a sunny evening

by far the best place to be is in Thorndon swimming pool. Having worked for over a year not twenty metres from the place, I thought it was about time to investigate. And its ace. I chilled out for a bit on concrete that had been baking all day in the sun, then dived into to the pool, to thrash up and down in pursuit of the body beautiful. Sadly, he was a better swimmer than me and I couldn’t catch up, so I had to settle for getting some exercise instead.

Jumping up and down like a loon

We’ve just sold our house.*

For lots more than we wanted, and we wanted a lot. And I managed the twirly crossing-over hands thing with poi, but going backwards. So yay and we’ll be seeing you in town at the end of February.

So new laptop time. And a friend is going for the 24 hour world unicycling record at the Basin Reserve in two weekends time, sponsorship going to Oxfam for the tsunami. I won’t invite everyone to come and spectate, coz it’ll possibly be the most boring thing ever, a unicyclist going round and around for a very long time. (It might get interesting after 20 hours or so, when Ken starts to gibber and cry) But I will be sponsoring him to the tune of a decent amount. If you’ve some spare cash lying around, then that’ll be a good place for it.

* Subject to some stuff, that shouldn’t be a big prob, but you never know…


So when I said to ferlengheti that she looked very Catholic for a moment, really I meant that she looked wickedly Catholic for a moment.

Anyway, here’s a sweet, ethereal, acoustic version of Niggaz With Attitudes’ folk classic “Straight Outta Compton“. NSFW, unless you work popping gats in da crib, or other such employment.

oi, mate, wanna buy a house?

I’m so tempted just to walk up to people in the street, like a proper dodgy little geeza, and ask them this.

*Ahem* Anyway, our house for sale, in sunny Pukerua Bay, with many pretty pics.

Had an offer this morning, not as much as we want, but early days yet.

And cheers to those who attended the tree-climbing/picnicing on our section in Brooklyn. We got up there eventually, to carve our names in, take pics, attach a sock and then came back down again.

Tree climbing party

At our section in Brooklyn. 2 pm saturday unless weather turns to poo, to celebrate a) our house in Pukerua Bay being on the market, and b) an apology to the tree coz its got to come down.

Its a big tree, on a steep, bush-clad section, so bring proper shoes and climbing gear if you’ve got any. There’s good shade on the section, and fantails, but not much in the way of amenities, so bring food and drink if you want some. We’ll bring some ice.

We may be having a tissu session, if we can find a flat piece of ground for the crash-mat, below a suitable branch.

Email me for a map if you want to come.

Dual V8s? Meh! Its nuclear engines for me

If you want to go real fast, its got to be nuculeah. And if someone says that its technically feasible, now might be a good time to run screaming for the hills.

Not completely insane:
Mate a nuclear reactor with a rocket. Tested performance pretty good, limited by the melting of the reactor. Slight problems with pieces of the reactor falling off.

Use a reactor that’s already molten, in fact, its melted and boiled into a gas. Performance theoretically much better, some problems with leakage.

Move your office-block sized spaceship forward, by exploding nuclear ‘pulse units’, i.e. bombs, just behind it. Great performance and theoretically feasible, but landing on inhabited planets may pose diplomatic problems.

Gibbering and drooling:
Let’s try this at tree-top level – supersonic nuclear-ramjet cruise missles, spewing radioactive waste out in the exhaust.


Anyone want to buy a house in Pukerua Bay? View of sea, lots of sunshine, bush-clad section, rimu joinery, tawa floors, insulation, hot tub, three bedrooms, rumpus/toys room and big garage? Coz our house goes on the market today. Pics and ads to follow later in the week.

And now we are done with sanding, painting, mending, planeing, digging, waterblasting, scrubbing and other assorted fettling. And so we can chill out.

Well, we could chill out cept for constant cleaning of our ‘show home’, packing, finding a place to rent in town, moving and then building a new house. Okay, the chance of chilling out is pretty negative…

“Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell”

I find myself most amused, despite the remnants of last night’s festivities, by my current reading, that of the novel “Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell”. It is most pleasantly tolerable, by which, I should explain, I mean to say that it is quite remarkably good.

Similarly, I was pleased to discover that, as a result of a suitable and charmed combination of diameters, I am able to alter the purpose of a particular bottle of soy sauce, which features in many Eastern cuisines, to a device to propel water at quite some pressure, in a vertical fashion, enabling me to dampen the ceiling of the scullery in a most haphazard manner.

And further to add to my joys in life, I have realised that the recent musical recording by one Klute, namely “breakbest science three”, which contain a selection of the finest ‘techstep’, hearkens back to the much adored and well-known folk tune commonly titled ‘Papua New Guinea’, a wonderful old ditty, whose origins are sadly unknown to us. I found this to be a delightful reference.