After seven days of being buried in my palm, the five millimeter long driftwood splinter has just popped its pustulous way out. Yet another reason to be thankful for this year. Its been a good one, with much improvement in brain, body, house and life.

Ladies clothing

Someone left their clothes in my car last night. I don’t know who, it was a fun night with many people, and the blackness and strapness of the clothes really doesn’t limit the possibilities.

But now I feel slightly naughty, like I’ve been a bad boy but no one’s noticed yet…



Okay, Team America, 4.40 pm showing on Saturday. That’s tomorrow, omg where’s my life going

It will be fun, and anyone not finding it fun is obviously aligned with the Axis of Eeeevil, and will be a candidate for premptive defensive obliteration.

Four of us so far, who else wants to come? I’m getting tickets this eve, so let me know here or by txt.

This is not a competition with notabouthim

But it is about informative links to enliven your Monday mornings. So:

All the facts, ever, in cartoon form, courtesy of Tim Hunkin. Includes aluminium and welding. I did crib shamelessly from this resource for my Ph.D.

Tim Hunkin’s own site. He’s quite insane, in the grand tradition of English engineers, but frequently gets it bang on.

The light goes out on the last of the glorious Victorians. Vowels bigger than his chimneys.

And sunny pics from Saturday’s trip to Matiu.

Xmas circus cushion concert

Next Sunday is the last cushion concert at Circus House in Newtown. Assorted people and sprogs will be doing performances or works in development, and Andrea will be doing a stilt dance. Pombagira, Russiandolls and Mr Twist attended one in August and seemed to enjoy it.

I was going to do “Jez’s Manly Piece”, but it turns out that I keep vomitting halfway through, so instead will mainly be sitting on a cushion.

So you’re all invited, even those that can’t come. 6 pm, Circus House, Newtown Street in Newtown, next to the New World, entry by koha, and circus xmas party afterwards, so lots of eye candy^H^H^H interesting people to meet.

Building Research NZ (BRANZ) have just released a study on adapting NZ’s houses and offices for the impacts of climate change. Available at:

“an increased frequency and intensity of overheating, flooding and tropical cyclone events”
“reliance on historical data to predict the return of major weather events should now be discarded and replaced by adaptive action plans that target future-proofing of our building assets.”
“Properties in flood-prone … regions may also be subject to complete obliteration from a combination of storms and tidal surges enhanced by rising sea-levels.”

I chat to one of the authors on the train occasionally. He’s not given to hyperbole. He’s using words like obliteration.

economic analysis of whether its worth caring now

Tea-break randomness

Forgotten UK SF writer Barrington J. Bayley on the Imperial 21st century, writing in 1983 when no-one had twigged to it. Real thought, and he uses words like “weltering” and “tea-break”. He’s also possibly quite loopy.

“Be that as it may, I base my lack of real alarm on the belief that the leaders of North America, Western Europe and the Soviet Union, however else they might be criticised, are at least as rational as Hitler.”

Speaking from personal contacts, the ‘oops, just found some weapon-grade uranium at home’ thing has happened more than once:

Other sources of teh ph34r.

Meh. Am going to K. Anyone else?