Some serious shopping

Okay, okay, deep breaths, trying to remain calm.

We just bought a section*. Up in Brooklyn, down a cul-de-sac, north facing, big macrocarpa, steep, quiet, cozy. Exactly what we want and what its taken us a year to find. Currently wondering if the macrocarpa we’ll probably have to take out can be milled and used for the timber for the house.

So now we just have to finish redoing the place in Pukerua Bay, then build an eco-house in Brooklyn, with a grass roof, then we can go to parties and stagger home all mashed up at a god-awful hour of the morning without having to sit on trains full of drunken asshats.

Thus I won’t be going for a mad shop during my impending UK trip. And I will be talking to architects in jumpers. And engineers and builders and the council and lawyers and finance people and a therapist**.

* Subject to a whole pile of crap.
** Okay, my therapist is Pombagira but ain’t that true for us all.


Okay, this flu is getting boring now. And I’ve work to do, work that they pay me for and I care about, which is a rare combination, so I’d like to get on with it, please.

Woo! Junket-tastic

So work are sending me on a free trip around the world! And they’re sending me to …. Nottingham.

Was I particularly cruel to kittens in a previous life?

Anyway, free trip to see mates back in UK. Ok, not going to complain. Anyone in NZ want anything from UK? Or vice versa?